Wiki Tribune Report #9: Regeneration


Wiki Tribune Report #9: Regeneration


A quick update at the top of the new month since the last wiki report dropped quite recently. We’ve seen a flurry of activity on the wiki in the last week or so due to the timeline change, so it’s been nice to see people embracing the new continuity. Also, the wiki main page totally got a revamp! So, let’s talk about that...


Wiki Facelift

If you’ve been to the wiki in the last 24 or so hours, you’ve probably noticed the new look to the main page. The idea here was to make the main page more appealing and engaging, especially from the standpoint of new members. The particular highlighted lore areas on the front page will likely change and/or expand as we move forward, but the goal was to provide members a way to get directly into some lore content without having to know what to search for to begin with. Additionally, the links in the DJB and Wiki resources boxes have been update with the idea of being more useful for newer members as well. Things like the tutorial, character page guide, and promotion guidelines have been added/highlighted while the less important content has been axed. Feel free to comment with your feedback on the new design and what you like/want moving forward.


Alas, Wiki, you are still not ginger.


This month’s featured article is one highlighting the Brotherhood’s history. It also will allow people to watch the changeover as we replace things from the old Legends timeline (such as the Vong) with more generic, non specific versions of them moving forward. The plan of the Grand Master, DGM, Voice, and wiki staff has always been to retain as much of the Brotherhood’s history as we could while still aligning ourselves with the new setting moving forward. In light of that, let’s all follow the updates to the Ninth Great Jedi War as they happen!

As for our Wikipedian of the Month, most of the time I’m reticent to award these to members of the staff. Making updates to the wiki is what they were brought on for, so it’s to be expected. However, our time change has made for a lot of the kind of mind numbing edits across many articles that are enough to drive good men to the brink of madness. Bentre Stahoes and Kalon Entar have really stepped up since the time shift took place to do some excellent work on those updates. This time, it wasn’t thankless work guys! WOTM’s for the both of ya.



  • Front Page Redesign: Lead: Selika. Mostly compelete. Various updates are still incoming, but will be of the minor tweak vareity.
  • Vong-ectomy: Lead:Andrelious. Right now, we’re looking to complete the arduous task of bringing the DJB history into line with NuCanon. The biggest part of that from an organizational standpoint is genericing out all referneces to the “Yuuzhan Vong” and replacing them with “alien” and the like.
  • Archivist: Lead: Rrogon Skar. Even with the new canon changes, the stories of the Brotherhood still need to be updated. Depending on how far we go with old events in the area of bringing them in line with new canon, this project’s responsibilities are somewhat in flux.
  • Back In Time Lead: Bentre Stahoes. The Brotherhood timeline as a whole has taken a step back into the past, and Ben’s the one in charge of updating all those event articles to reflect the new reality.
  • Accessibility: Lead: Kalon. The first phase of this project which will consist of developing the magazine style table of contents system for our Clan category pages. Once a tentative plan is in place for a standardized system, we’ll be working with the Clans to make sure their specific concerns aren’t steamrolled by the march of progress. A mockup of how the Clan page table of contents may be formatted can be seen here.


So many dates to adjust... I do not envy the team on that one... Thank you to everyone who suffers through wiki work so I don't have to!

Thank you for all your work, Wiki staff! We appreciate you all!

Thank you for the updates ^/_^ It's nice to see the wiki being worked on, it's an integral part of the Brotherhood.

So I guess now we know that the Wikia system is actually Time Lord technology.

I am learning to refer to the wiki for a good number of things. Keep up the good work!

I still think that removing our history just to be NuC is wrong. Who's to say the Vong, albiet, legends, we still didn't face them. This was a huge event that i and others thoroughly enjoyed, but to downgrade them to "alien" removes the visualization of the enemy many people painstakingly wrote in vivid details.

I know, it's already been decided, but it's just my opinion. This club as a whole is all fictional and non NuC, so why be entirely drastic. Wondering what's next on the chopping block, the Exodus from the Hammer?

Thank you all for keeping it updated and working on countless edits. Also, congrats to the wiki peeps of the month. You all are awesome. Stay strong wiki team!

@Brimstone: The point is the old events aren't changing, history isn't being removed. The aliens that we faced and the events that happened in our history still happened. The only thing that's changing is that the alien species isn't named "Yuuzhan Vong" any longer. They also didn't scourge the entire galaxy and invade/destroy all the other planets, but as far as the DJB is concerned everything they did to us still took place. The context of those things to the larger galaxy have changed, but the context to the Brotherhood hasn't. None of the events that happened to us, or the nature of those aliens, is changing. So, in essence, I think you've gotten yourself upset about something that isn't actually taking place. I'd recommend looking closely at the Pravus's announcement on the subject.

Fear not, the history of the DJB isn't going anywhere. Heck, one of the new timeline eras of the Brotherhood is the "Exodus era". The new DJB timeline (which is mostly the old timeline with some new year numbers) should offer some clarification on this.

Good Luck Ben!!! and Nice work to all of the Wiki Staff!

Great job! The Wiki is so important to our club and requires constant updates. Thanks Wiki team!

@selika ok that's good.

You get to retcon, you get to retcon, everyone gets to retcon

Retcon is the third most sacred religion of Star Wars, after the Force and Han Solo's luck.

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