Wiki Tribune Report: The Creatures, the Credits, the Glory


Wiki Tribune Report: The Creatures, the Credits, the Glory


As the summer drags on, the Wiki has continued to churn on slowly. We have seen folks making tweaks within their Clans and their personal pages. We have seen bits about NPCs, and planets, and some of my staff making the Wiki a tidier place. There was also a particular pick up in activity shortly after the formation of Clan Vizsla, of course! Lots to work on describing and detailing for the new clan.

We have seen the Creatures category expand somewhat as the Possessions Approval Policy has opened up the opportunity to detail your new furry-or-not-so-furry friends via the Wiki. A new Clan, and of course folks continue to detail their own little nooks and crannies in the galaxy. Without further ado, let us jump into it!


Wiki Projects

Disciples: A New Order: The move of Dark/Gray Jedi to Force Disciples should be complete in reference to infoboxes/types. [COMPLETE]

Greater Ease of Navigation On the Wiki: Some pages are going to be referencing/linking/integrated with others so that information is less spread out across the Wiki. Will require some coordination with the Dark Council and Clans. pending the resolution of the Great Jedi War. [ONGOING]

Project Timeline: (Lead: Ronovi) Wiki Team member is working on bringing the Dark Brotherhood’s timeline and event timeline pages up to date. [ONGOING]

Codex pages: Under Review

Brotherhood Guidelines Category update: Ongoing

Category Cleanup: Basically, we will have folks reviewing categories looking for doubled-up categories so we don’t have people in multiple units, or ships in multiple categories- ie Historical and the normal Fleet/ships category, ect. Staff also grabs this as we see it in the execution of our duties. [ONGOING]

Historical Review: This involves members formerly of units but now Rogue, who have moved to other units, of assets, ships, ect in Clans. The idea is to- with the various units- bring their Wiki pages into a closer alignment with their Possessions. Given it will mean direct contact with Summits will be involved in part, this will be on pause during the Great Jedi War. This also includes the hunting down of the remaining <redacted> on the Wiki [QUEUED]


Featured Article

For the month of June, we have the page Sirra which stands as an excellent example of an NPC. If folks want to serve as an example to start from, check it out!


Wikipedian of the Month

June’s Wikipedian of the Month is an old member with a new face! One Idris Adenn, aka Xen, has done a lot of Wiki work helping bring the new Clan Vizsla’s pages into line with the rest of the Wiki. A new Clan takes a good bit of work to get fleshed out, and he has helped pulling it together for the Wiki, by the looks of it!


Final Words

We all keep the Wiki together. We all contribute. We live in a shared galaxy far, far away and the wiki is just another way that we detail our particular corner of the galaxy. If you have any questions that crop up while you are Wiki’ing it up out there, feel free to throw an email or Telegram PM to the Wiki Tribune or the Wiki Staff. If you want some help with any aspect of the Brotherhood/Wiki I am able to, my box is open.

Whatever problems that might crop up, I can assure that either my staff or myself are more than willing to help should you need us.

And now looking back at my report, I see that I declined to make any goofy jokes or wild images.

So thus, I will leave you with….dancing Batman!


In the meantime I remain, as ever, Yours In Darkness,


Update, update, update, folks!

That's the big thing I'm seeing with pages right now. Keep your shtuff up to date. Makes the wiki clean and beautiful! <3

Wiki is love, Wiki is life!

Not gonna lie, love wiki, terrible at utilizing it...formatting is quite difficult for me.

Great report from our Tribune!

Long live the VONG!!!!

^ No, Brim.

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