Wiki Update: New Staff


Wiki Update: New Staff


Staff Appointments

Now that applications have closed, it's time for me to announce my decisions for our two vacant staff positions. First, I want to thank everyone that applied. Each and every one of you was qualified, and any of those that applied could have been chosen. Everyone brought different skills, abilities, and qualities to the table. Given how close all applicants were in their overall suitability for the job, either with experience or with activity, I ended up looking at some slightly more obscure metrics upon which to base my decision. The position of wiki staffer is really one that can provide a starting point to leadership in the Brotherhood, or a gateway back into that realm. As such, I decided, all other things being equal, to prefer those that weren't holding other positions elsewhere. While this decision was motivated by the idea that I'd get to have these new staffer's undivided attention, it also let me strive for another goal as well. Often times these sorts of jobs are given to those that have already proven themselves, and that takes away the opportunity for others to prove themselves, too. Opening up more opportunities for advancement, not just in the medal/promo rat race but more importantly along the road from consumer to producer, is in and of itself a goal to be lauded.

It is in that spirit that it gives me great pleasure to welcome Meleu Karthdo and Tasha'Vel Versea to the Wiki Staff to fill our two vacancies. Both of them have tackled projects on the Wiki before (with Meleu having spent some time on the staff previously) and I have confidence that both will be able to make valuable contributions to the Wiki moving forward.


Thank you for the opportunity, I will do my best!

Congrats both of you :) Make us proud!

Congrats to both!

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