Wildcards Report


Wildcards Report



Heyo all!

So we have a few big things to announce this report. The least of which is that, as of October 1st, I will be stepping down as Battleteam Leader. This was a planned event when I took over, and we had a specific individual in mind for my replacement. They have been “groomed” of sorts to lead the team in the upcoming war. All that said, Keiji Suoh will be taking the reins of our merry band of crazy folks. Keiji has been a part of creating this team since its inception, and a lot of the ideas used for its formation was a direct response to his ideas.

Fictionally I we are thinking that the exchange in power will be like a challenge, much like those seen in nature. Hopefully this will be less of Takota dying, and more of him just being shamed.

Awards of varying size and compositions.

So last week we went and completed a roster scrub of everyone in Hoth and Wildcards. Im please to say that almost everyone was rewarded with something to add to their growing scrap pile of precious metals. Im proud to say that most of these were for work done in the ACC pre-GJW event as well.

  • Ka Tarvitz - Grand Cross
  • Tisto, aka nameless man, aka Alifal Bav - Dark Cross
  • Keiji Suoh - Antein Cross
  • Livana Agrona - Dark Cross
  • Droveth - EQ1 (welcome to the Equals!)

So right now we are looking to have everyone at a clean plate for the upcoming war. That said, if youre gunning for that next rank, or next level of shiney, this is your chance. These things dont come around often, with the last one in 2014 I believe. So about that….

It’s a Great Jedi War, yall!

Like I said above, these things dont happen often. The rewards of participating are the usual promotions and medals. However in addition you have Novae up for grabs, and if tradition continues, battlefield promotions from the GM himself. This is also Odan-Urr’s first war as a Clan. Right now we have a strong shot at being First Clan, but that all comes down to you. If past events have taught us anything, its that even 2 or 3 submissions can make or break a win. If you can, all I ask is that you submit to everything that you can.

We are looking for a release date of October 13th until November 19th.

Oh god...its the Idiot.

I had originally planned to give yall a carrot to follow for a new base/ship. With the initial delay of the GJW, I went ahead and talked to Clan leadership about what we currently had. In my mind I didn't see the point of the Wildcards having a warship. In traditional Merc/Smuggler sense, I saw us having a really modded out freighter of sorts. That idea worked out well as the Clan had purchased a Baleen Freighter some time ago. With the Baleen we have a ship with a cargo bay to hold everyone in the team’s personal ships (within reason). It can also serve as a mobile repair, refuel, refit platform for the Clan as needed. I have a wiki write up semi-completed which is below.

The Idiot’s Array, also known as The Idiot, is a Baleen-Class Heavy Freighter used by the Wildcards. The cavernous hangar bay allows each member of the team and various visitors to land their respective ships. Large enough to fit several YT-1300 Light Freighters with room to spare, it also has refuelling and repair stations….for a cost.

Beyond the hangar bay the Baleen is the main cargo area. This area has large detachable containers, and are able to hook to other ships via umbilical. Each member of the team is assigned a cargo container for their personal use. These pods however are permanently attached to the ship.

While the ship is slow at sublight speeds, it does have a highly upgraded hyperdrive as well as a heavy duty shield generator that can withstand most fighter bombardments.

As you can see, it is named the Idiots Array. This is for the rarest hand in Sabaac, that is obtained by an insanely rare wild card called the Idiot. This hand is composed of an Idiot, and a 2 and 3. It beats any other hand, and you dont see it coming….much like the Wildcards. There are a few more additions we plan to have for the ship, but that will be coming soon.

Keiji’s Corner

Hello all who read this. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Keiji Suoh. I mainly inhabit the telegram at random intervals of the day. As the report above states, I plan on taking over the position of BTL (Battle team leader, for those of you with the inability to read acronyms). I have high hopes for both the team and the position. The team is very new and fresh and plays the role I have always loved: The people who do bad things for good reasons. For those already in it, and those of you who wish to join, I have only one plan for us: Activity. We have a Great Jedi War coming up. This right here is where our new team can shine. This is where we can make our mark with simply participation at the LEAST. At the planned switch there may or may not be a comp series for us, but we will see if there is time. I look forward to working with you all.


BTL is my favorite position of leadership, and I have loved being the Wildcards BTL. I do apologize for the lack of talk from myself lately, and am foreseeing a bit of burnout on my end. I hope everyone is as excited as I am for the future of this team. I believe it to be truly great. All this said, I will be joining you ragged bunch on the roster as of the 1st. So lets give the rest of the Clan, DJB, and most of all Keiji, hell. :D

As always, be excellent to one another.


Takota Okami Battle Team Wildcards, House Hoth, Clan Odan-Urr

Interesting times are ahead to be sure then. Thank you for your months of leadership, Okami, and congratulations on your promotion, Keiji.

Great report and thank you Sera for all the help you've given us setting up the team!

Great report! You'll do great Keiji! Thank you for your service, Takota! :D

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