Wren Aedile Report #1


Wren Aedile Report #1

Wren Report (Aedile)

(Fiction update.)

To say he was having one hell of a year was an understatement, at least to the young Sorcerer as he ascended the flight of stairs within Yuanming, eager to see his new office. From Great Jedi War XIII, to founding Battleteam Deathwatch and now House Wren Aedile, things were certainly looking up for Appius Wight.

However, the war with Plagueis was constantly on his thoughts, and he knew there was a lot of work to be done.

He turned the corner and was greeted with a face he knew oh so well.

"Trenkyp? What are you doing here?"

The newly promoted Knight smirked behind his breathing apparatus. He stood with his arms folded and his back against the wall, like he was waiting for him.

"Just thought I'd come and wish you luck with your new position, Master. I hope you enjoy your new office. Deathwatch helped to personalize it, just for you."

Appius suddenly had a very overwhelming sense of dread overcome him. He knew very well what the members of that Battleteam were capable of.

"Ok, Trenkyp. What did you all do and what did you take?"

Trenkyp held up his hands defensively at the accusation.

"Nothing! Though, Kano did take a luxurious looking chair for his new office."

For some reason, Appius was having a hard time believing that was all they did.

"Ok, thanks. Tell Kano I'll be along shortly to get my chair."

The Kel Dor nodded his head and left the hallway, barely containing the laughter he was trying to hide.

The Mandalorian Force User approached the door to his office and inspected it very carefully. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. It looked just like any other door on this level of Yuanming. He was about to push down on the handle but that sense of foreboding still lingered in the back of his mind. He stood to the side, and instead of opening it himself, he summoned the power of the Force to do it for him. Gesturing with his hand, he pushed down on the handle and flung it open as hard as he could.

The moment he did, a detonation of energy burst from within the room itself and the Mystic watched as a cacophony of sounds and colours emerged from the doorway and plastered itself on the opposite wall. After a few seconds, the noise stopped and it was all over, and the stench of paint took over the hallway.

"Ha!" He claimed triumphantly.

He turned to the look into the room, and despite being the multicoloured mess it now was, a concerto of red's, greens, blues, and yes, even pinks, he couldn't help but grin to himself like a smug nerf herder.

Sorry guys. Not this time.

He walked in, the natural light given by the windows now obscured by various shades of colour. Oddly enough, the only piece of furniture that was untouched in the explosion was a small wooden stool that had no doubt been the replacement for his chair, nestled just behind a wooden desk.

"Typical." Appius muttered to himself.

He placed both hands on the sides of his Mandalorian helmet and removed it from his head. Placing it carefully on the edge of the table. He sat down at the wooden stool, ready to inspect the desk itself for important documents relating to his new position. But unbeknownst to him, he set off the pressure sensors that were attached to the stool legs. The drawers to the desk shot open…


The House Wren Aedile was immediately covered with more paint than he ever thought could be contained in a bunch of desk drawers. He wiped his eyes as best he could, trying to clear his vision whilst doing his best to ignore the paint fumes right next to his nostrils.

His vision turned to the blue hued outline of a Mandalorian Beskar armor wearing man above his desk.

"Gotcha! Knew we'd get you with that one!"

The small hologram flickered slightly and the Sorcerer instantly recognised him.


"Congratulations on making Aedile. Hope you enjoyed our little congratulations present."

The new Battleteam Leader of Deathwatch suddenly pulled a chair into view and sat down on it. The very chair he took from the Mystics new office.

"And thanks for the chair. I'll take good care of it!"

The Mandalorian Weapons Specialist laughed and bellowed loudly. He cut the communications and left Appius to stew in his mess.

The Force Disciple clenched his fist tightly and gritted his teeth. Unable to contain his anger any longer, he let out a roar that could be heard all across Yuanming.


Meanwhile, in the distance, raucous laughter could be overheard, coming from the members of House Wren and Battleteam Deathwatch.

Hello, House Wren!


Most of you, in fact, probably all of you, know me at this point. But just in case, Hi! I'm Appius Wight, my real name is Adam, I live across the pond in the UK, I am a husband and a father of two beautiful (albeit very cheeky) children. I am a lover of all things Star Wars, I mean, isn't that why we are all here? I'm the former Battleteam Leader of Deathwatch, and I am now your House Wren Aedile!

I'd like to take a moment to thank Warp as well as wish him luck in dealing with me more than he already is. I'd like to thank him and Pravus/Sarin/Roark for giving me the opportunity to take my enthusiasm, passion, and ideas one step further. I'd also like to thank Esca myself. Without his contributions neither the House or the Clan would be in the strong position it is right now.

So to Esca, I say thank you. I have some very big shoes to fill.

With that being said, let's move on to the bulk of this report!

Plans for the Future

When I became House Wren Aedile, I spoke to Warp and basically set three individual goals.

  • Goal number 1) have the House Wren wiki updated and out of construction.

I'm happy to say that this has been achieved! And the wiki page can be viewed here. Obviously, there is still work that can be done to it, and that brings me on to goals number two and three.

  • Goal number 2) have the House Wren Headquarters decided, made and updated on the Wren wiki page, as well as a page of its own.

There have been ideas thrown around here and there regarding this. Some have said within Yuanming itself, others have said inside a mountain I believe and if I remember right, there was one that was underground.

Regardless. I can see two ways of doing this. The first way is to open up the discussion in the House Wren chat. The other way, and the one I'm personally leaning towards, is a competition made during a House event or just before. Warp and I will talk more about what the best course of action is regarding this, but feel free to PM me with your opinion or place it in the House chat too.

Speaking of House Events…

  • Goal number 3) move the House along fictionally.

I feel like this has been a long time coming, and you guys probably know how I feel about fiction. The House was formed at the end of Great Jedi War XIII so I think it's time to start making events for you guys! When I sent in my ideas for an event in my application I touched briefly on it. But once again, myself and Warp will plan something special out for you guys following the theme of the House sometime after the feud.

The here and now.

So, I'd like to make a couple of promises to you guys about what I will do for you with my time as Aedile.

Firstly, you will have your say.

I'm a huge believer in having membership be involved in decisions. After all, I may be the Aedile and Warp may be the Quaestor. But you guys are what makes House Wren what it is. I want you guys to feel comfortable coming to me and speaking to me whenever you need to.

Secondly, you will receive credit for the work you do.

I will monitor member activity and will recommend awards, praise and yes, even promotions.

With that being said…

  • Trenkyp Zkig

Trenkyp was recently promoted to Knight! Becoming only the second in Clan Vizsla to rise to it. Congratulations! See the promotion here.

  • Rulvak Qurroc/Warp

Yes, I know he's our Quaestor/glorious leader, but I felt this was important to touch on. Warp received an Amethyst Kukri for outstanding commitment to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Especially in the realm of gaming. Congratulations to him! See the award recommendation here

  • Hector Ricmore

Received his first Dark Cross not too long ago. So congratulations to him! You can see the award here.

  • Dral Falgorth

Received his first Anteian Cross not too long ago as well. So congratulations to him! You can see the award here.

And lastly, my door is always open to you.

You know, if you aren't loading my room with paint bombs. (glares at Deathwatch members) Seriously though, regardless of what it is, proofing something you are working on, answering your questions, addressing your concerns and so on. I want you all to know you can come to me at any point.

Vizsla Vs Plagueis

As you all know, we are in a feud with Clan Plagueis at the moment. There's more than A fistful of Credits on the line here. I encourage you to participate in as many of the competitions as you can and help each other along the way.

The competitions for the event can be found here.

The prologue fiction for the event can be found here.

The official event Fiction update can be found here.

Ask Appius Anything

  • Hector asks: What are your thoughts on the coming upgrades system to possessions? In that same vein, do you have any plans/feelings regarding the expansions to clan possessions mentioned in the regent report?

I'm strangely looking forward to it. I know certain people are skeptical of it but the only ways advancements can be made in this club is if people take the reigns and make it happen.

Of course, I will reserve complete judgement until I actually see it and use it myself. As far as I'm aware, the upgrade system applies to ships for now.

As for the Clan possessions, I'll reserve complete judgement until I see it. But it looks like it opens up interesting options.

  • Hector also asks: Can I be Gary the Stormtrooper?

Request accepted.

  • Rajhin asks: What's next? (after the feud)

Hopefully I've gone a bit more in depth for you in the report. But to sum it up, get the Wren HQ set up and start building the House's first event. Wren has been a house since the end of the last GJW. I think it's time we did an event!/moved along fictionally.

  • Trenkyp asks: You owe me a Vibroblade and a Vibrosword. Cash or credit?

Considering you ripped a hole in my Mando armor, which is worth 30k, do you really want to go there?

  • Zoron asks: Did somebody say puzzle?

Yes. Yes I did. (Takes note of how to summon Zoron.)

  • Dral asks: Where's my Tie fighter jigsaw?

Still working on disassembling it. 10,000 pieces takes time. You can't rush perfection.


Thank you for taking the time to read this! I hope you all like what you saw. Keep bringing it to Plagueis! We will show them all what Clan Vizsla and House Wren are made of.

Until next time...

Appius Wight: House Wren Aedile.

Great report! How will Appius get back at Kano I wonder?


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