Wren Aedile Report 1.0 - The Blue Bayou


Wren Aedile Report 1.0 - The Blue Bayou

Aedile of Wren Report 1.0


Enter the Blue Bayou

Greetings fellow Wrenanites. This is your favorite Chiss, Brimstone. This will be my first report, ever. I know we have not posted anything by the Aediles in a while and our Quaestor, Kanal, has tasked me to try to pop one of these out. So be patient with me as I learn this Markdown thing-a-ma-jig.

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Pro Bowl Has Ended

As many of you know, I used to be with Plagueis and this was a yearly event that went on. This marked my first as a visitor, but my 5th Pro Bowl I participated in. I want to give a shout out to the Wren members that participated and the top 10 placements they got.

  • Farrin - 1 event
  • Aldaric - 2 events, 2 placements
  • Kanal - 18 events, 4 placements
  • Brimstone - 18 events, 6 placements

Thanks goes out to Slags of Plags for hosting the event.

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The following have earned clusters and crescents the past month:

  • Farrin - 11 clusters
  • Aldric - 70 clusters, 2 crescents
  • Aelic - 1 crescent
  • Kanal - 321 clusters, 3 crescents
  • Brimstone - 6 clusters, 7 crescents

Congrats to everyone that earned these awards. I will try to compile these each month.


Remember, the only way to earn the Clan Title is to do comps and win and earn credits. Here are a few events currently going on right now.

There are many more firing up, so check out the competitions page for more choices as well.

Future Endeavors

Me and Kanal have been tasked with running the Great Hunt V, which we are looking at the beginning of January or February, so more details will come in the next couple months.

Q & A - #AskBlueAedile

in the future, I will take questions and try to answer them. feel free to shoot me them (or just shoot me if there's a bounty on my head).

Sincerely yours,

Brimstone aka Seabr'imsto’nedansr

Wren Aedile


Great work and good report!

Very nice report Brimestone.

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