Restoration: Ascendant Halfway Mark Standings


Restoration: Ascendant Halfway Mark Standings


Round One of Restoration: Ascendant has finished (but of course all you good Plagueis competitors know that and are hard at work on round two, right?). The summit has been grading at breakneck speed starting on Sunday evening to bring you these results as fast as you can. In addition, the mid-phase fiction update can be found here, so give it a read!

Event Results

This single round alone has generated by far the largest number of entries of all three phases of Restoration to date. Each of our houses submitted more entries in most of the events from the last two phases (fiction, trivia, and puzzle) than were submitted by both houses combined in those events in the previous phases. Every event produced more entries than the largest event in previous rounds, with gaming being the smallest this time out coming in with “only” 15 entries. Basically, what I mean to say here is that the entire clan is really killing it this time out, and I couldn’t be prouder of all of you guys.

As far as individual event placements, more entries meant a harder time for the summit when it came time to judge, but also more points to be earned. So, without further ado, let’s see how each event went:


  1. Dracaryis
  2. Chrai Dewal
  3. Mayda Ferium
  4. Onwai Starborne
  5. Kz'set di Plagia
  6. Eiko
  7. Taranae Rhode
  8. Athrun Zala
  9. Ra'gnar
  10. Kelly Mendes


  1. Onwai Starborne
  2. Karliah Tao-ren
  3. Athrun Zala
  4. Brimstone
  5. Furios Morega
  6. Kelly Mendes
  7. Dracaryis
  8. Kz'set di Plagia
  9. Octavia Morgan Obrie
  10. Ra'gnar


  1. Nite Dawn
  2. Dracaryis
  3. Furios Morega
  4. Tra'an Reith di Plagia
  5. Decicco Ehne
  6. Kelly Mendes
  7. Athrun Zala
  8. Kz'set di Plagia
  9. Ra'gnar
  10. Onwai Starborne


  1. Dracaryis
  2. Kz'set di Plagia
  3. Nite Dawn
  4. Mayda Ferium
  5. Tra'an Reith di Plagia
  6. Azmodius Equesinfernum
  7. Onwai Starborne
  8. Athrun Zala
  9. Octavia Morgan Obrie
  10. Furios Morega


  1. Nite Dawn
  2. Mayda Ferium
  3. Tra'an Reith di Plagia
  4. Brimstone
  5. Ra'gnar
  6. Silent
  7. Furios Morega
  8. Callidous Zolica
  9. Misium
  10. Khal Xanderi

Overall Results

With the results above, the scores between the two houses are Ajunta Pall 541, Karness Muur 384.


As mentioned before, there were a far larger number of entries on the table this time around. More importantly, both Houses had fairly high participation counts with both units fielding 13 unique competitors. The point totals might look lopsided, but we’re less than 50% of the way through. All five events are back for round 2, and there’s also the Battleplan event that’s been running for the length of the feud. Basically, what this means is that there are more points left on the table than have been claimed so far, so it’s still anyone’s game.

Round Two

Round Two has already started, and will run through the second of August. The end time for events will be end of day website time on the second, which translates to 7:59 pm eastern / 4:59 pm pacific. All events, including the Battleplan, will be due at that time. And just in case, here’s the links to all of the remaining events:

Your houses are counting on you, and the Clan is counting on you, too! Make sure to get out there and compete.

Well now everyone's using the "Vyr Method" (yes that's what I call your stats graphics now, idc :P)

Glad to see CP having such good numbers. Great work. Best of luck to everyone in Round Two :D

Thanks Vyr! What can I say, the Vyr Method is a pretty nifty way of laying things out.

Look at Dracaryis killing the competition! Congrats!

Congratulations to all of the participants! It was great getting to see so many entries and you all doing so much to represent your houses! Keep up the moment and let's see if any of you can knock Drac out of the top spot for this next go around!

Good job all

Great job to all who participated. And Congrats to Drac, Nite Dawn, & Onwai for winning al, the comps between them. And way to go HAP. Also Congrats to Kz'et and Mayda for placing in the top three over all.

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