A Force for Change


A Force for Change

So, all the talk about lens flare aside, this new video from JJ Abrams (the director for the new Star Wars film) shows that he is doing at least One Great Thing. A return to practical creatures. All that crap CGI of days past can take a hike, and this is a wonderful, wonderful thing. It's great to see the new films going back to basics and taking it seriously.

Also of severe importance, there's some talk about a chance to not only tour production, but also end up in the film yourself (!), and the great work that they are starting up with a new charity called 'A Force for Change'.

It's a geek dream. Everyone should go enter in. We'll see you in Abu Dhabi.

Check the source here! http://sourcefed.com/j-j-abrams-from-the-set-of-star-wars-ep-7/

Woo SourceFed.


Here's where you go to get your chance: You Could Be in Star Wars™: Episode VII

Yay, Kick Stater for charities?

Anyway some cool stuff in there. Poster's, Busts, Hilts? Awesome!

Hmm if only I had $25k to drop on the advance screening

Also, Muz, I never would have picked you as someone who follows SourceFed... and I cannot justify why :P

Wow, that CGI has really come along, it's realistic enough that it looks like a real Muppet :P

hmmmm, wonder where I seen this before?? oh that's right, I posted about this 2 news stories earlier. LOL

Unfortunately, due to how news post permissions work currently, even if you do post Star Wars news (or any news really) it only shows up on the main page depending on your position or a person's news filter selection. So, say you posted news as a BTS, only your BT (maybe House) will see it normally, or anyone who has the filter set to everything.

So even though you posted the story first, it wasn't seen by much of the DB until Muz made a news post.

Dang. Didn't know that.

Speaking of the video, i noticed 3 possible new characters

A really tall jawa

The camel face character with cage on back

And a pure white female with cat-like features and ears.

Wondering what they are

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