Disney Scraps Star Wars Attack Squadron


Disney Scraps Star Wars Attack Squadron

Today Disney announced that they will no longer develop Star Wars Attack Squadrons, instead they are going to focus on other Star Wars Games. This isnt the first game that has been scrapped since Disney bought out LucasArts. I wonder what will be next.

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Insert vain hope for TIE Fighter here!

If they came out with another TIE Fighter game I would buy it

At this rate, i would just like a new star wars game :P

Here's hoping they resume development on Star Wars 1313? :P

Im excited for Battlefront. It and Arkham Knight are the reasons I sprung for a next gen console

June, E3, Battlefront. I'll be watching very closely.

Star Wars MOBA, pay to win, inc.

Nobody else excited for Episode 7: The Video Game? For shame on all you people, for shame. :P

takes Goat out back and beats him with a shovel.

No, we're not excited. :P

Boba Fett game? More Force Unleashed? MANDALORIANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Forwarding a dirty picture of goats Hutt wife to random emails...enjoy)

Force Unleashed has been given the axe already. :P

For a Boba Fett game, as long as you actually get to hunt bounties I'd be quite pleased.

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