Episode VII Press Blitz in full Force


Episode VII Press Blitz in full Force

In recent weeks the Stars of Episode VII have been getting out there and stumping up hype for Episode VII with reckless abandon. I honestly have been surprised at the extent of the media blitz surrounding the movie, as it has increased the likelihood of spoilers and leaks happening. It appears though, at least to date, the extraordinary security measures surrounding the film have been holding.

If there was one title this holiday season that probably could have gotten away without doing the press junket, it would probably have been Star Wars.. but thankfully, we have even more tantalizing tips and hints to keep us running for the few days left until the movie is released!

Fox 5: The Press Junket

There have also been a tonne of other articles and interviews to check out. This is just a small sampling, but it is quite a lot to be getting on with!

Sorry if I murdered your productivity for the rest of the day!



I can't get enough Star Wars

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