Episode VII Spoilers: What's in a Name?


Episode VII Spoilers: What's in a Name?

Stormtroopers prepare for battle!

Just in case we were starting to lose a little bit of momentum with the excitement that came with the release of the first theatrical trailer, JJ Abrams and his crew have decided to give us an early Sithmas present this year, with the release of a bunch of retro styled Trading Cards via Entertainment Weekly. What's the idea of these cards? Oh, nothing big... just a reveal of a bunch of the character names, including the man with the now infamous saber.

The Millenium Falcon


Poe Dameron

Rey on her speeder

Finn on the Run!

Kylo Ren

Oh.. and X-Wings

So, we have a collection of some pretty awesome trading cards featuring still from the trailer, but more importantly, we now have names. Is Rey going to end up being the daughter of Han and Leia as so many people have speculated? Is Kylo Ren our next Sith Lord wannabe? Is Poe Dameron nearly as badass as Wedge? Are X-Wings still the best ever and the reason why Star Wars is amazing? Who knows. But we certainly have more to talk about.

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