The Great Broadsaber Debate


The Great Broadsaber Debate

Obviously one of the bigger "controversial" moments of our 88 second long trailer was that wicked looking new lightsaber. It has rather divided the fan based into groups of "Its friggin awesome!" and "They are killing my childhood!". But fear not, as Stephen Colbert has come to explain it all. In a segment of his show last night he dissected the debacle in typical Colbert fashion. You can check it out here.


I just want this one:

Interestingly enough, two-handed sabers and cross-guard blades (and forked ones) have been a part of the EU for a long time really. Roblio Darte used one during the Rise of the Empire era. They'll be in the upcoming Lightsaber Construction Guide.

Yeah they totally aren't a "new" concept. I mean I can understand not liking them, but the whole "end of the world" reaction some fans have been having to it has been hilarious.

two-handed sabers and cross-guard blades (and forked ones) have been a part of the EU for a long time really

But the EU isn't cannon anymore!!!!!


I find it strange that people always hate on new things, movies books and their lore change constantly, and now that the EU has been wiped they can have a fresh start and mabye a better story than George could have given it, especialy one it deserves. I my self like it when new lightsabers emerge in the universe it makes characters more unique, like when I found out about lightwhips for the first time I was like "Whaaaaaa?" though the Darksaber's tech eludes me as I assume it works differently than a lightsaber.

personally I like the new saber from the trailer. I could see a tactical advantage in saber locks and in extremely close quarters from the cross guard and it looks sweet. but honestly it's no different from a debate over single edge over double edged weapons each has it's advantage and disadvantage. as far as hurting yourself with the cross guard goes, yes you could but why would you use a fighting style that has all those tight and worthless spins and such in it. Perhaps a brand new fighting style will (and in my opinion should) be introduced with this new type of blade. And a final thing in my view is that this new blade isn't any more dangerous to the wielder than a normal lightsaber if wielded correctly as with normal swords you never really come in contact with the cross guard anyways if your doing it right and not trying some sort of extra leverage in a stab or something.

I liked it. I thought it had like sort of a rogue meaning to it like the sith are in the shadows and have returned...and with a lightsaber that counteracts most conventional combat technique

"We're sorry, but this video isn't available in your location."

uh huh.

It was also posted on Colbert's youtube channel Sil:

(Edit: Doesn't look like his channel actually, so it'll probably go down soon :P)

I'm fine with the new saber. I'm an eternal Star Wars optimist. The trailer had Xwings over a lake, more please. A Sith stumbling in a winter forest with a new saber, more please. Falcon maneuvering over the desert, yes please. I also have no idea what is going on in the story and like that, a lot.

I completely agree with that Sarin. Short of Jar Jar popping in the trailer there wasn't much they could do that I wasn't going to get excited about.

Eh. I guess I'm one of those that is going to nit pick and take it apart. I think I've been that way since before they even announced the production of the new movies, because I knew they (Disney or Lucas) would have to tread carefully or they would anger a whole swath of the Star Wars fan base. That said, wiping the EU and renaming it Legends was the easy way out to me, it's almost the same thing Abrams did with Star Trek.

As for the teaser trailer, it left me wanting more. I was put off by a few things it in, namely the lightsaber, the soccer droid, and utility speeder. Oh, and the guy at the beginning that popped up out of nowhere was weird. I really hope that doesn't become the opening scene.

If Lord Mickey messes this up, I swear I'll never see another Disney movie again. Which will be nearly impossible, since they own practically everything.

I'm honestly taking the same tack with this as I did with Star Trek. I'm going to do my best to keep an open mind. I mean, I didn't like the flash drive speeder (best name I've heard for it), and the droid was kinda...huh? But it is far far too early to judge.

Now, when do we get cross guards on our sabers? EQ3?

Whoops, did that wrong.

Trilogy lightsabers

dude, the speeder is clearly one of those almond joy ice cream bars turned on its side

I like to think that the reasoning for the triple-blade concept is because of poor creation of the blade and thus a need for an exhaust port. This would actually make sense, as when you think about it, post-original film trilogy, the only Force-users we know are by no means masters of the Force or have had a lot of experience/training with it. Whilst Luke has had training, he didn't create his own lighstaber, we didn't see anyone giving him the information or training TO create his own lightsaber. Thus, a returning Sith would have nothing to work off of besides folklore and dodgy scriptures (as a result of the probable cleansing/collection of this material by the two Dark Lords in the originals, who then died, thus information lost etc).

Obviously this is just my opinion but at the end of the day no matter what the reason is, I look forward to the films and seeing the light-claymore being used by an awesome looking Sith.

The "soccer droid" makes perfect sense to me. More realistic having one of those going over all terrain than giving R2 jet-packs in the prequels when he didn't have them in the originals. I just hope I can get one in possessions ;)

As far as I know Luke did build his own lightsaber, after he lost Anakin's on Cloud City.

My bad, you are correct, however it was constructed whilst Yoda was still alive and as the EU does not exist canonically, we can assume that Yoda/Obi helped him to create it. Whilst the ability to create a lightsaber may be out there, the ability to create a refined lightsaber may not, so maybe my point still holds some validity.

It's actually written in the rotj book that he did it on Tatooine while waiting to free Han and yoda didn't actually help, but that's just nitpicking. Your point I think is still a good one.

Lightsabers are lightsabers. I feel the more diversity in sabers is a good thing, like the broadsaber in the trailer, and maybe even curved sabers like katanas and scimatars.

"Did you see those Sith from Korriban? They've got curved lightsabers. Curved. Lightsabers."

apparentley Kira wants a swiss saber knife

Kierdagh - Its also in the deleted scenes:


No, you are Darth Jar Jar.

Mesa am Jar Jar MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod!

For me, a fictional weapon already questionable in its physics can do whatever cool stuff the storyteller wants. New Star Wars can't be bad. Especially when that Sith has the most badass creep I've ever seen.

To me the whole thing with the Broadsaber didn't really bother me at all I mean heck, if Boc Aseca could wield a cross saber or for saber then this is plausible. I think the only thing about this Broadsaber that I felt about it was in regards how the animation of the beam coming out resembled more of a wielding torch appear to the lightsaber blade in my opinion. But overall not too shabby.

New Star Wars can't be bad. Especially when that Sith has the most badass creep I've ever seen..........!


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