Episode VIII/IX Director Named?


Episode VIII/IX Director Named?

While JJ works desperately to claim life insurance on the Big Three and Gareth Edwards and Josh Trank plan their solo Star Wars films, Deadline reports that Rian Johnson of Looper, Brick, and (in my opinion) three of the strongest Breaking Bad episodes has been tapped to write and direct Star Wars Episodes 8 and 9. The wording of the rumors is a bit vague, and some news outlets are saying Johnson will only provide a treatment for the Episode 9 script, not directing, but at the least it seems he will direct Episode 8.

It's unclear why Abrams wouldn't direct 8, but the intense scheduling of these films is likely the cause. That said, Abrams could return for Episode 9. Or he may be fired for breaking Harrison Ford's leg.

To add fuel to the all but official rumor, Johnson posted the following clip on YouTube. I consider the clip appropriate for the situation (contains PG-13 language).


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