Herald Style Hanukkah: Day 5


Herald Style Hanukkah: Day 5


The Consuls were the first point of contact that the Praetor to the Herald would need to consider when it came to discerning what the Dark Jedi serving their Clans and Houses required. However, Mirus only had the personal privilege of knowing two of the four serving Consuls and only Liam Torun amongst the Quaestors - Liam's input was unnecessary and much of the Brotherhood thought along the same lines. As such, Mirus knew that he could consider the words of two men above all - Marick Arconae, Shadow Lord of Arcona, and Rian Aslar, loyal Son of Taldryan and Mirus' former Master. Their input and opinions would provide much of the guideline for which he worked for the Brotherhood in the upcoming preparations for war, so that he could make ready that which they needed to fight to the fullest capability.

The forms of the Hapan and the Pantoran flickered into blue holographic life, the conference call starting - Antei, Karufr and Selen all linked as one, the boundaries of space and time completely ignored.

"Consuls, thank you for accepting my call," Mirus said by way of greetings. "I won't take up too much of your time. How fare the preparations?"

Marick was first to speak. "The Shadow Clan will be ready when the time comes." His voice was simple and devoid of emotion - but that was the Hapan's way.

By contrast, Rian was not pleased. Given what he had heard recently from certain other sources, this was not something he wished to hear. However, the truth of those matters was not quite yet known to the Praetor - and it was best to be on guard. Free equipment for his loyal brethren and fellow Taldryanites would not be turned away, however. "It's good to hear from you too, Mirus. Everything here is fine." Not revealing much. The usual.

"Good to hear. I'm here to ask about what you, as leaders, would like to see from us as we furnish the Brotherhood with new weapons and armour," Mirus said, leaning back in his seat. "I know I can trust you both to tell me what you need."

Yet again it was the Arconae seizing the initiative, speaking first - and speaking plainly. "It's armour and weaponry we need most. New patterns. New designs. Your battle-brother Turel wears his armour with pride-" he said, flatly staring at the Dathomiri. Turel Sorenn, Quaestor of House Qel-Droma and Mirus' sworn brother, wore the same as the Titan, Pride robes as befitting the Grand Master's personal guard. "-and I feel that my Clan would benefit from something different."

"Perhaps a new form of lightsaber. We see only the same things over and over again," Rian intoned. "Break the monotony."

The Praetor nodded his head, drinking in their words . "Understood. Thank you for your input, gentlemen. I will be in touch."

The two Consuls vanished back into the aether, leaving Mirus alone with his thoughts.They wanted something new. New he could do, perhaps. A radical departure from everything they usually produced. That much was doable, possibly, if there were enough to innovate with. There would be plenty of work for him to do - the challenge had been laid down. Could he meet it?

HSH: Day 5

The Herald staff is pleased to bring you Day 5 of Herald Style Hanukkah!

We have two lightsabers for you guys today. One is Ventilator, created by Muz, the second is Entwine by A'lora. We are very purple today.. because purple. ;)

Ventilator lightsaber for EQ3

Ventilator lightsaber

Entwine lightsaber for EQ1

Entwine lightsaber

These may not be uploaded just yet, but when ready, you can obtain them by going to your lightsaber/robes construction tools. Enjoy!

‐ HRLD Socorra

I noticed my string of lights has a dead bulb.

I guess that's kinda realistic!

Killin' 'em.

Very nice!

Love it!

I didn't think you could top the Protoss saber, but you did. You guys rock!

The Herald staff has made some neat stuff. Keep up the good work! :)


People actually read these fictions? :P

So is the Ventilator lightsaber us taking a step toward adding the cross guard saber from Ep 7? :P

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