I'm back! Also #StarWars posters!


I'm back! Also #StarWars posters!

I'm back from vacation, well not really, but figured this was cool enough to post. Waiting for me when I checked in at work was two double sided posters.

These posters are for the new Maul: Lockdown book, though the reverse of one shows off the Kenobi book.. The book didn't get a good review from Raken but these posters look damn cool.

Poster 1Poster 2

Poster 3Poster 4

Didn't waste any time and got them up on the office wall ASAP.

Poster 5

Have to thank @fangirlcantina for sending them. They traveled a long way.

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Nice posters. When did Maul fight the Vong? :P

Near the start of the book apparently. He fights some alien that "couldn't be classified," the author confirmed in an interview at some point that it's a Vong; meant to be something of an easter egg.

I haven't actually read the book yet, just been following the launch :P

Welcome back! Those posters look awesome....I'm jealous.

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