Lords of the Sith


Lords of the Sith

Lords of the Sith

The newest Star Wars novel is being released tomorrow, April 28th. The newest novel, Lords of the Sith focuses on Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine. The plot appears to focus on both Sith Lords on a mission together, which is not something we have actually seen before. It will probably be the first time we actually see these two characters, in their "final" incarnations, working together on a mission.

The novel is written by Paul S. Kemp, who has written a few Star Wars novels, including Deceived, Crosscurrent and Riptide. I've actually enjoyed most of his work in the SW universe, so I'm optimistic about this novel.

There is a 50-page excerpt up on the Random House page (click on "Look Inside"). It should give you a strong idea about the direction of the book. Hopefully we can have a good review up for everyone in a couple of weeks!

I'm very excited about this book. My wife was informed a few weeks ago that it should be included with other Star Wars items as a birthday present for me.

Of course, if she forgets there's always a bookstore on my way home from work. :)

Sounds amazing, it feels like one of those rare occasions in fiction where you see the experts working as a team. I cannot wait to add this to my collection.

I want to see this

I read the excerpt from this book that was included at the end of Heir to the Jedi, and I have to say it really intrigued me. Even in that small bit it went more into the depths of Vader's mindset and view of the Force than I had ever seen before, how he makes use of the Force by channeling his pain/hatred... it was really good stuff, and source material that I think can be of great use to us as a club.

Guess I know what I need to buy next week!

So is this set in the canon of the movies? Or is this still considered legacy? If it's the first, I'm dying to get my hands on it ^^

Its considered canon. If its been written and put into print since May of last year its all considered canon now.

Really looking forward to this as Im eager to find out Vaders mindset on things. I enjoyed the book that was put out a few years ago with him as the main character. The only other one Im waiting on more than this is the one that happens after Endor.

Going forward a good rule of thumb is... Anything new? It's likely canon. Anything old? Probably not. Basically Disney put a stop to everything that wouldn't be continuing their new canon, and grinding the EU to a halt to try to make the confusion not quite as bad (it didn't work lol) There's still some ambiguity regarding games.. for example SWTOR doesn't seem to be getting worked into canon, but Battlefront is.

Battlefront is new, though :P

Battlefront's exact place in canon is still up in the air. Obviously, a multiplayer battle that sways either way each match can't really be canon, but the Battle of Jakku DLC must have some sort of "story" canon nature...even though the game itself has no campaign (bleh). And then SWTOR...I'm not sure how many more years that'll keep going heh

SWTOR will keep going as long as it's wildly profitable, which by all accounts it still is. I mostly left that caveat in there Solari because they keep doing expansions and stuff, so technically SWTOR has had lots of "new" things since the Mouse came along, but since it's tied to old EU stuff, it's likely not canon. Clear as mud, right?

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