May the 4th: Sales & Special Offers


May the 4th: Sales & Special Offers


May the 4th is upon us, otherwise known the world round as Star Wars Day thanks to a witty British Reporter and an intrepid group of Canadians. It is a day to celebrate your nerddom, and embrace the Epic Saga that brought us all together... and perhaps even more importantly, to do what Star Wars fans have done since 1977.. buy little toys and figures and pretend to be Jedi!

Beyond the dozens of gatherings, and marathon watching sessions, and workplace approved nerdy shirt day (watch out for Trekkies in disguise), it is also a day where the internet tends to throw up sale after sale, and I'm just going to post a few of the bigger events that are out there waiting to soak up your hard earned money.


Never shy about making sure that Star Wars games get their due, and ensuring our Steam libraries are full of Star Wars titles, Steam has discounted nearly all of their titles drastically. Enjoy the Star Wars Collection which consists of a great deal of the classic RPG and FPS titles, or try out the Star Wars Classics Collection and try your hand at the epic Space Sims and Strategy titles.

Good Ole Games (

The necromancers at GOG have torn out all the stops this year, and resurrected Shadows of the Empire from the great scrapheap of time. Along with their Saber and Blaster bundles, you can look forward to a great deal of Star Wars gaming nostalgia to celebrate this Star Wars day.

Playstation Store

PlayStation is joining in the fun this year by running it's own massive Star Wars Sale, offering classic titles as well as modern ones like Battlefront, no matter if you're running the console or bringing the games with you on your PSP, PlayStation has something for you.

Gamestop & Thinkgeek

Gamestop is discounting a lot of toys, collectibles, and Star Wars: Battlefront. ThinkGeek is diving even deeper into the fray, and offering 20-60% over 200 Star Wars items, as well as offering a free BB-8 Pin for those who make their purchases early.

EA Events

  • Star Wars: The Old Republic is hosting an Eternal Championship competition where the grand prize winner may win a free trip to Celebration Europe, and a whole slew of prizes. Full details on the competition here. You'll also get a new astromech in game pet simply for logging in! It's also a Double XP Week.
  • A Free 4 Hour Trial period for Star Wars Battlefront will be available on Origin starting at 11AM PST on May 4th.
  • Battlefront Players will get a Log-In Reward of 4444 credits, and a new New Hutt Contract that will enable you to unlock the Bacta Bomb Star Card, which will provide AoE healing to you and your allies. has a great compiled list of other Star Wars Day deals and gaming deals on as well. However you choose to spend your Star Wars Day, May the 4th be with you.

And to close, I'm going to include this message from Daisy Ridley and A Force for Change.




Awesome, thanks yacks!

Thanks Yacks!

Great stuff!

Excellent. Sadly all my SW tshirts are grey or some other color and I have to wear a white one with my uniform :(

An added note to the report itself:

Humble Bundle has a sale as well

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