Meet the Inquisitor


Meet the Inquisitor

Hello Brotherhood! Welcome to the third round of teasers and trailers about our latest plaything from Lucasarts; Star Wars Rebels! I’m going to take a moment to probe your mind, discern your thoughts and manipulate your perception on this newly fashioned show and introduce you to the darkest member of the cast. The Inquisitor comes as the baddest of Sith, and when you see his fiery eyes on the battlefield you know there’s trouble. This guy might be something too hot to handle for our Jedi Kanan.

Meet the Inquisitor

To put the icing on the cake, Disney XD are releasing a one hour animated movie for Star Wars Rebels. The aptly named Spark of the Rebellion is set to premiere on Friday the 3rd of October at 9pm Eastern Time in the US of A. The tension is already solid to grab in the fan bases around the world as we await for something Disney might not ruin.

Disney didn't ruin Marvel, so I think things are in pretty solid hands.

I agree Aabs.

That's my opinion too. I'm so excited for this show. I know Obi-Wan won't be in it too much, but I'm definitely excited for the episodes he's in.

From the teasers I've seen, Kanan seems to start out as Star Wars' own version of Aladdin, stealing to eat and survive in the streets. He is Force sensitive already, it seems without him being aware of it to begin with and this seems to be set to be one awesome series! I am so excited for the Spark of Rebellion which will air in the UK on the 3rd of October too, on Disney XD. Can't wait!

I wish to see more of this Inquisitors light saber. It looks nice, not my favorite at all, but there's something about it that just seems so neat.

Oops, meant Esra, not Katan lol Silly me :/

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