Rebels First Episode Available Free!


Rebels First Episode Available Free!


Star Wars Rebels had it's movie premiere on Disney on Friday. If you've been chomping at the bit for more you're in luck! The first episode , "Droids in Distress", is available for free on iTunes now!

Note that this is the first "real" episode, "Droids in Distress" which is set to premier on DisneyXD on the 13th I think, and not the Spark of Rebellion "movie"/special that has already aired.

Personally... I'm going to wait for it to air or be available else where. I'm not about to install iTunes just for one DRM ridden download :P

Also and explanation from another site: "It being listed as free is likely due to iTunes declaring this the first real episode of the series, and “Spark of Rebellion” a separate special. iTunes will commonly put up the first episode of a series for free to hook people into buying the Season Pass."

I just want the regular week to week schedule to start instead of this on-off-on stuff. That said, I have a cable subscription so I'm watching it all on DisneyXD anyway. Why buy these on iTunes when they'll probably stream on Netflix a couple months after the season ends?

Some people (me) can't get Netflix legitimately, where as I can (but refuse to) buy on iTunes.

Mind you I also can't get DisneyXD legitimately.

I'm a junkie and impatient and already have iTunes so I'll probably download it tonight. I have DirecTV, but I love early episodes and watch things early if it's available through OnDemand as well.

No lightsabers used, but I think the episode was pretty good. You'll get to see 3 characters from the actual movies in this episode! I'm excited for the potential of this show

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