Rebels News Rundown


Rebels News Rundown

Lots of Star Wars: Rebels tidbits coming out now that the series has officially debuted in the United States with "Spark of Rebellion" on Disney XD. First, I've created a Discourse topic where we can discuss episodes filled with spoilers. Check it out!

Next, in a wholly unsurprising move, Disney and LucasFilm have gone ahead and renewed Rebels for a second series, mirroring the first season's 16-episode run. So we will at least be getting more Rebels straight into Episode VII.

Next next, will, as they did with The Clone Wars, host episode guides with trivia, concept art, and a new weekly "Rebels Recon" video -- click me!

Finally, the Wall Street Journal recently did an analysis of Disney's expansion plans with Star Wars that includes a great Q&A with Kathleen Kennedy's right hand woman, Kiri Hart, who is essentially the logistical executive in charge of the future of Star Wars. She seems pretty great, in my opinion.

I'm holding out hope that Interstellar, Hobbit 3, or Big Hero 6 (since it's Disney) will have a teaser trailer for Episode VII on the front end.

I just watched the Recon video myself and discovered that the next Rebels episode, "Droids in Distress," is NOW available to watch on DisneyXD online. Woot!

I was in walmart today, and spark of rebellion is already out on DVD. The Mouse moves fast :P

I got a DVR solely because of Rebels. I work swing shift, and thusly would be building airplanes when it would be on TV. So, not wanting to miss out on this the way I did on Clone Wars, I went ahead and did the upgrade!

And I can record the Seahawks games I miss, too, and piss off the girlfriend! :D

Just prepare for a lot of recordings of lifetime and endless reruns of Law and Order. At least that was my experience with DVR and women.

Haha callus sounds far better than what my DVR gets full of idiotic stuff like X-Factor and Soap Operas lol.

So far, only thing she wants to record is Once Upon A Time. Calls it "her show." She loves all the Disney stuff...hey, maybe I can finally get her into Star Wars now!

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