Rogue One Update: New Poster & Trailer Drop


Rogue One Update: New Poster & Trailer Drop

Rogue One Poster Three

It's been a busy day for the upcoming Star Wars release Rogue One. We have both a new poster as seen above, which has all sorts of amazing details in it... ones that you really need to spend a few minutes looking for. I personally have always loved the art in the Star Wars posters and this one continues up with the great tradition.

Oh, and there's also a new trailer that really starts whetting the appetite, with more than a couple glimpses of a certain Dark Lord of the Sith and a rousing build up of emotion. You should definitely go check it out (as if somehow, you wouldn't...)

Rogue One Official 2


Vader struts angrily.

Looks interesting!

Awesome! Thumbs up.

That was some good Rogueing right there

And once again, after watching the trailer, you should really check out the Kylo Ren Reacts video:

Kyle Ren Reacts - Rogue One Trailer 3

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