RUMOUR: Star Wars live action shows being developed for Netflix


RUMOUR: Star Wars live action shows being developed for Netflix


It's been one of those rumours that just won't seem to die. A Star Wars Live Action TV Series. Despite the fact that it's been around since before Disney purchased Lucasfilm, we're always hearing more stories about people writing treatments and trying to resurrect the series that the creator himself announced a decade ago at Star Wars Celebration III. But like so many other projects relating to Star Wars, it never seemed to go anywhere.

We first heard of rumours about Disney taking a stab at the live series back in March, and to be perfectly honest, it made as much sense back then as it does now. They already have a good working relationship with multiple Marvel properties, including a network series with Agents of Shield, and they're working with Netflix on a trio of titles including Daredevil, not to mention the fact that they own their own cartoon channel. But despite how much sense it might make.. we haven't really heard anything about it… until now.

Although it's still in the realms of completely unconfirmed rumours, Jordan Maison at Cinelinx is reporting that he has information from multiple sources that Star Wars won't be getting a singular title to be working with, but much like it's Marvel Step-Brother, it'll be looking to ramp up with a whole group of TV Series airing exclusively on Netflix.

There's still nothing being reported as to the content of any of these supposed shows, but I think it's entirely likely that we'll be seeing beloved ancillary characters expanded out in greater detail in shows like this, or even brand new plot points and new stories. Regardless of the content, with Netflix's track record and the support that Disney seems to be giving to its bumper franchises, we may be in for one wild ride.

Nuuuu. Don't play with my emotions like this!

Yes, please!!!

If it's at least as good as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., I'm in.

This is the second reported rumor of a live action adaptation of a major property I have heard this year. The first was nothing but a few rumors. I am not holding my breath, but I still hope my doubts are proven wrong. It would be very nice to see come to fruition. It is more likely given that Disney actually likes to play ball though.


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