Star Wars #1 - Out on Wednesday


Star Wars #1 - Out on Wednesday


The latest (and now fully "official") Star Wars comic will be out on Wednesday. Star Wars #1 takes place between A New Hope and Empire Strikes back. Working on this comic are two creators generally considered top-tier talent working in comics. Jason Aaron is the writer, while John Cassaday is the artist.

Not only are we getting a brand new Star Wars comic, but Marvel is also going all-out for it. The above image you see is one of 100 rumoured cover variants for this comic. The image you see is by Alex Ross, which is a painted cover, but you can see another 60-variants here. Most of these variants would be retailer specific, meaning if a retailer orders enough comics they get to have their own variant cover.

Overall, it appears that this comic will be well over the one-million-comics-sold mark at the time of release. You can pick up your own copy on Wednesday, which is new comic day in most areas. There is a big of a "preview" here, just showing you the first few pages of the comic itself. We hope to have an initial review up as well once the comic is out.

I plan on picking up a copy myself, but not sure which covers will be available at my local store. Anyone else looking to pick one up?

well there goes another $4.00 bucks a month for me

If I can find a reliable source in NZ, I'll be keeping up with this comic... woo

Guess I'm eating lunch at the Thai restaurant next to my local comic book store Wednesday. Food and comic with time to get back to work.

I might still be missing one of the last "The Star Wars" comics too... might need to try to pick that up.

Need to convince the wife that I "need" this instead of just "want". Either that or hide it in my coffee budget :P

..that sounds like one of the most awesome lunchbreaks ever.

Oh goody, I'm hoping they'll end up publishing a version that also contains all artwork for it that didn't make the final cut.

I'm interested in the Leia comic since it's a bit different, but... waiting for the reviews for this one. I remember how much praise Brian Wood got a few years back when Dark Horse hired him, but... yeah, after the Post-Yavin the Star Wood reboot I'm a bit burned out with the Post-Yavin era.

Now to try and find a comic store in this concrete jungle I call home :/

@Goatboy: Most reviews I've been reading have been largely positive. We're looking at adding our own to the mix soonish..

That was a fine read. The comic lived up to all the hype.

I still can't find it in NZ! :(

I've never been much of an issue by issue comic reader, but I'm excited about checking out the whole thing once TPB start releasing.

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