Star Wars: Bloodline


Star Wars: Bloodline


The newest Star Wars novel has just been released! The novel, Bloodline focuses on Princess Leia and the lead-up to The Force Awakens.

One of the weaker parts of Episode VII, to me personally, was the lack of any real explanation as to the state of the galaxy. Only the novelization of The Force Awakens provided any sort of background as to what had happened in the lead-up to the movie. This novel however seems to be focused squarely on the state of the galaxy and the beginnings of the Resistance.

The novel itself takes place 6 years before Episode VII, and with anything related to Leia there should be a good dose of galactic politics involved. And with the given title of the novel, I am sure there will be some mention of a certain black figure with breathing problems, and perhaps even a few other family members as well.

I've been waiting for a novel to really get into the meat of history leading up to Episode VII, so I am very much looking forward to diving into this novel and seeing what information it gives us. Anyone else eyeing the book?

Downloaded my preordered audio book this morning!

Read the first few chapters last night (hurray for Kindle app), looks good so far.

Looking forward to seeing some Ben Solo information, since apparently this is before Snoke gets his hooks in.

I just bought it. Looking forward to the content.

On my 'to buy' list. Will certainly pick it up after the bills are squared away.

I'm about 100 pages in. So far it's been pretty good. It feels like some of the old EU stuff to me (the good ones). Seems really political, which I like.

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