Star Wars Celebration 2016: Europe! Tickets on sale now!


Star Wars Celebration 2016: Europe! Tickets on sale now!


So I've been back in Ohio from Star Wars Celebration for under 24 hours. In that time I've been watching Live Streams of Panels I missed and thinking of creative ways to get my wife to come to STAR WARS CELEBRATION 2016 in LONDON next year!!!

Just over one hour ago tickets for Star Wars Celebration at the London Excel Center on July 16, 17, 18 of 2016 went up for sale. Tickets prices are pretty good:

  • 3 Day Adult: £70 ($103)
  • Friday: £30 ($44)
  • Saturday: £35 ($51)
  • Sunday: £30 ($44)

The Excel Center appears to be right next to the London Airport from what I've seen looking at a few maps. For all of our European members, this is an awesome opportunity! I hope you have the chance to get to it, and I really, really, really hope I can make it to it and meet a few of you all there!

If you are planning on going, book hotels super early as their prices will sky rocket. Good to look at smaller B&B type places rather than chain hotels as their prices don't fluctuate as much. Also no excuses to main-land Europeans as there are so many cheap ways nowadays of travelling to London!

Are there any DJBers out there who live in London or around that area?

So... in less than 6 hours the 200 Jedi Master VIP passes ($500 each) are now sold out. There might be a few people interested in attending this, just an idea.

I'm down

Oh hell yeah, i want this!

Let's hope that England is still in the EU 2016, since David Cameron always threatens with quitting! :D :D

Mmmm, London, usually they host these in Germany... no idea if I'd be able to go, but... sorta tempting...

I know my former apprentice will probably be stoked about this

I would love to go with my husband. Just not sure if we could.

Well, looks like another Celebration I'll be missing. No chance I'll be able to make it to the other side of the world next year. Hopefully they'll do this in Seattle or Portland one year.

I'm an hour train ride from London, so am willing to help a couple of people out if they can't find accommodation.

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