Star Wars: Dark Horse Digital Comics on Sale


Star Wars: Dark Horse Digital Comics on Sale


Given that Dark Horse's lisence to release Star Wars comics is soon going to be coming to an end, there seemed like little else they could do, except to embrace the end of days with a savings bonanza for all their fans.

In the days of a digital age, with the comics seemingly already out of actual print, there was only one thing left to try: a virtual fire sale.


Every Star Wars comic title is currently on sale for half price, or you can drop $300 on the entire bundle for a digital copy of every Dark Horse Star Wars comic there is.

Just The Seal

Wow, talk about January sales. Are they the same studio that made the Thrawn comics?

I'm not a big comic fan but that is a great price

I'll be getting Dawn of the Jedi, Rogue Squadron, the Legacy series and Crimson Empire at the very least.

$300 for their entire SW catalogue? That's hella cheap.

I'll wait till after the sale, then see it come out in a .tor file ^^

Piracy is bad m'kay?

Its sharing <3

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