Star Wars: Darth Maul—Son of Dathomir


Star Wars: Darth Maul—Son of Dathomir


As we all know by now, all of the comics previously produced by Dark Horse are no longer considered "canon". However, it appears that one of the last comics they are producing, Star Wars: Darth Maul - Son of Dathomir, will actually be considered fully canon going forward. This series is based on what would have been further Clone Wars episodes detailing what happened to Darth Maul.

There is a Spoiler Review where you can get some further information on this comic, along with a few pages showing the interiors. So, have a look knowing that what's contained in this comic won't be suddenly brushed away when Marvel takes over the comic production

First thing I noticed is they got rid of those ridiculous legs... huge fan of that.

Agreed. The legs were bad

I like the comment about how nice it is to know that this story "counts." I find myself way more interested in the upcoming novels/comics simply because I know, for certain, everything I read is canonical. It's a nice universe.

Him living is the main thing I didn't like. Think about it. Sliced in half at torso and fall about 10-15 stories down a shaft? If not bleeding to death, the internal organs would have splattered and fell everywhere.

I am a fan of maul, just not his storyline afterwards. Even GL said he killed him off on baboon so there wouldn't be a struggle while snaking was turning to darkside

Ugh spellcheck. Meant naboo not baboon

Always did love Darth Maul. I'll have to keep my eyeballs out for this.

Lightsabers cauterize as they cut sooo maybe his organs would be a lil jumbled and cut up but Im not so sure about the bleeding out part.

Brimstone, we never see the landing... Strictly speaking, Luke's drop out of Bespin was just as lethal (also he'd just had a part of his body cut off, too :P)

Big difference between cutting off a hand and slicing off the torso, cutting kidneys, stomach, liver, intestines, spine, etc.

Look at shark attacks. The ones that lived lose a limb. The ones that don't, lose a much larger body part.

And Luke fell into a ventilation tube. Maul fell down a silo.

Even if cauterized, that's still a lot of damage. If that was just a safety thing, jango should have lived without a head and many of the Jedi that were killed by Vader should had lived too. Especially mace

I think Maul's Iridonian physiology allowed him to survive Obi-Wan's attack.

He was Dathomirian according to Clone Wars.

Hm. My mistake, I wanted to say his Zabrak physiology allowed him to survive Obi-Wan's attack. I apologise for my nerd slip.

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