Star Wars Episode VII - Third Theatrical Trailer


Star Wars Episode VII - Third Theatrical Trailer

The third, and final theatrical trailer for Star Wars Episode VII was aired today during half-time of today's Monday Night Football game. The fact that there was a three day advertising blitz leading up to the game tonight, including a new series of twitter emojis should make that plainly clear.

Without further adieu, here is the new trailer.

Teaser 1

Also in conjunction with the release of the new trailer... ticket presale on most major chains opens. These are a few of the bigger theatre chains in North America, where you can hopefully get your tickets!

Good luck getting your tickets!


That sexy HD. Ah man. That was fantastic.

Loved the trailer. It is all too bad that every site I have checked seems to be down atm...wait...Cinemark is up!

The trailer didn't impress me actually. Just being honest.

The hype for this is SO real.

Can someone do me a favor and bring me an extra pair of pantalones? I appear to have shat mine.


Thanks for being honest, Taig. =]

I can't even right now.

Watch the trailer closely folks. Tons of spoilers

  • Chewbacca arm bandage

  • multiple knights of ren?

  • a mandalore banner

  • a possible death

Too much to mention

Very very excited for this movie!

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