Star Wars Episode VII Title Announced


Star Wars Episode VII Title Announced


The Title for Star Wars Episode VII is The Force Awakens. You can read more about it at the link and also at the official Star Wars Twitter account.

My Force is going to awaken. Etc.


Who woke it up?

Old Luke farted in his sleep and the devastation began.

That title made me fall asleep...

I like it more than some of the other rumored ones. Going to be a long year until it finally hits.

Ding dong the witch is dead, now the Force can awaken again. I like it. It sounds more mystical than I was expecting, and I like me my Force stuff.

/me forces stuff onto Goat

/me sets up camera

Lame title. I know they're trying to keep with tradition of a three word title, but how can the force awaken? It is constant. It never sleeps. It's always around.

Because The Force Unleashed was already taken :P

And The Force Unchained just sounds weird... :P

How about Disney Force Choked? Or Force Fed Gungan? Or What The Force!!!!

Anything would have been better

Well, Palpatine imbalanced the Force... maybe it's... finally awakening again... or something? :P

Everyone was in Carbonite freeze.

Bet you loved the Carbonite freeze ;P

The first six movies were all a dream! Now they wake up to see Hydra has taken over the galaxy.

Hail Hydra!

Seriously though, I think people are blinded by the Legends canon. Dont get me wrong this movie can turn out absolutly horrible, and if it does Ill be the first to pass out the pitchforks and light the fires. However look at it like a new beginning. They killed the old books and lore because they wanted to start something new, something fresh.

Also maybe the Force was woozy from all the death and destruction from Order 66, Aldaraan's destruction, following up to the death of Vader and Sheev. Dont know, dont care. Im just excited there is a continuance of the series, and its not being lead by Georgie.

It's surprising, actually, how much influence George still has going by the number of quotes from production members and stuff who mention things like the name Sheev coming from George, how they want stuff to live up to George, how they want to be as good as George... it'll probably be more George than ever :P

George Lucas invented Star Wars. He invented the stories, he had the vision, he gave it life. To me, even if his script writing and dialogue was atrocious (never worse than in AotC), the creation of the universe isn't something I can just dismiss. Sure, I love the EU. I love where it went, and most of the stories in it, but it's not like the EU never let me down. For example... Vong. Basically all of the early comics from the 80s and having to deal with the crap like talking space squirrels and rabbits and crap. The Crystal Star. Ssi Ruuk... The list goes on.

The reason I loved the EU, is because it kept me going. It kept telling the story in the universe I wanted to keep hearing stories about. Now, we're getting more. So sure, I'll miss what's being destroyed. But I'm getting the same thing I always wanted, which was just more Star Wars.. and this time it's going to be Lucas' ideas and suggestions being brought to life by (hopefully) actual amazing writers and directors... so yeah, super excited personally.

What Yacks said, though I love me some Ssi Ruuk.

I'm down with the title. I mean, no matter what happens I'm going to freak when that huge Star Wars appears on screen with Williams' score.

TBH, I loved the Vong. A group of people that could seriously screw the Jedi up, and decimated the Republic that was so "great" up to that point. I hated most of the books, but the premise of the Vong was pretty good.

Im not shitting on Georgies vision, he made a universe that is as vast as our own (almost as vast as the Star Trek one). Hoever some of his ideas were horrid, he needed to hire an assistant (I.E. Fan-man, not fan boy) that would slap the shit out of him for doing stupid shit.

The Force Awakens....what do you suppose it means?

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