Star Wars Humble Bundle


Star Wars Humble Bundle

Star Wars Humble Bundle

The Humble Bundle is currently running a sale for Star Wars Comics. For those of you who don't know, Humble Bundle has various sales that bundle a variety of items together (usually games) and lets you set the price. You may pay as much or as little as you want, as well as choose where your money goes. They also have added content if you pay more than the average, or more than a set price.

For this sale on Star Wars comics (running for about 2 weeks), there are 49 individual comics included in the initial package (everything is DRM free, with a choice of file type for the comics). Some of the stand outs in this package is the first volume of the original Star Wars comics released by Marvel in 1977, as well as the first volume of Crimson Empire.

If you pay more than the average, currently at $8.94 USD, then you can receive another 34 comics, including the first volumes of Knights of the Old Republic and Legacy.

If you pay at least $15, then they will throw in the first volume of the recent Star Wars comic that Dark Horse produced. It's a quality comic taking place post-Yavin and has a lot of pew-pew in space.

There's a lot of fun stories in this package, and all for a steal. Also,it looks like there will be even more comics that will be added to the package. You really can't lose with this, so I highly suggest you head on over and grab your copies.

Because I'm lazy - anyone have a reading order for this or suggestions?

If by reading order you mean chronological... has the whole (I think) list of comic books by SW year.

Of the actual series I've read, Legacy was my favorite and its set far enough into the future that you can read it without worrying about anything that came before. Likewise, KOTOR series was interesting (especially if you enjoyed the original KOTOR by Bioware). It, too, is set in a timeline so far back that it has no real effect on the "movie era" books.

I tend to avoid the movie-era stuff because it's just been so overdone in every medium. Especially books... holy crap there are a lot of novels packed into the Clone Wars to Battle of Endor timeline :P

Perfect, that makes sense.

Ya, I only own about 5 books set in that time period, and I think 3 of those are the movie adaptation novels!

I LOVED the Knights of the Old Republic Series. It gets better as the series progressed.

Other than that, I recommend reading Dark Times and Crimson Empire (Even if this particular series seems kind of weird in the timeline to me.) The later half of Dark Times had some of the best books from Dark Horse, in my opinion. I didn't like the art style of the Thrawn adapation so much though.

Legacy and KotOR are both great. I was also enjoying the Dawn of the Jedi stuff from Dark Horse, but stopped reading when they announced those lines ending with the move to Marvel.

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