Star Wars: Marvel and Del Ray


Star Wars: Marvel and Del Ray

Lando Comic

With Star Wars Celebration this past weekend there was a ton of news that came tumbling out of it. A lot of it could easily get lost, so here is some of the details that were released concerning upcoming books and novels. From now until the movies, these will be your true source of information for how the "new canon" will be shaping up.

As you can see from the image above, there will be a new Lando Calrissian mini-series coming out in July. This series takes place before Empire Strikes Back, and will even feature Lobot. Apparently the plot will revolve around Lando trying to steal a highly coveted starship. Writer Charles Soule and artist Alex Maleev will be the creative team on the mini-series.

Shattered Empitre

The creative team for the post-RotJ comic, Shattered Empire, was also released. The writer will be Greg Rucka and the artist is Marco Checchetto. Both of them have worked together, and their style can be considered a lot more grounded or street-level than many others working for Marvel. They did a fantastic Punisher series together, and Rucka does a lot of spy and street-level work. While they have not release any details as to the plot of the series, the creative team may give an indication of where they could be going with things. It may be a much rougher and darker story, and maybe not a lot of big space battles ground battles. It would be something very different to the current Star Wars series.

And speaking of that series, the current artist on it will be leaving after issue 6, which will complete the current storyline. There will be a one-shot with issue 7 that will focus on Obi-Wan Kenobi on Tatooine and will be drawn by Simone Bianchi. His work is unique and quite pretty, but also very different so it will be interesting to see how it melds with Star Wars. Taking on regular art duties with issue 8 is Stuart Immonen, who is a very strong artist, with fluid artwork, who is great both with action scenes and character scenes.

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There wasn't quite as much news on the novel-side of things. One of the larger news items was that there would be a Battlefront tie-in novel called Battlefront: Twilight Company. It will focus on the Rebels, and give you a view of the front-line soldiers in the trenches. I was actually hoping for something on the Battle of Jakku, but this appears like it will focus on the time period between ANH and ESB.

There was a little news on the novelization of The Force Awakens, with the e-book being released on the same date as the movie (Dec. 18th) and the hardcover coming out sometime in January of 2016. Alan Dean Foster, who actually ghost-wrote the original A New Hope novelization, will be writing this one.

Lastly, on October 6th there will be a collection called Rise of the Empire, which will include A New Dawn (prequel to the Rebels series), Tarkin and 3 short stories, with one of them tying into the post-RotJ novel Aftermath.

I hoping for more information for all of the various novels that will be coming out, and it looks like I need to catch up on some comics since there seems to be a lot of good things going on there. They have top-level talent working on the Star Wars books, so it may be worth to at least pick up the collected storylines.

I also hoped for more novel news, but all of this is still exciting. I downloaded the Marvel digital comics app this past week, but will wait until their collect the whole storyline to catch up on everything. Great stuff awaits this year!

The Lando series, is this a series of comics or books? They do look interesting.

It's a comic series, at least five issues.

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