Star Wars, Netflix & You


Star Wars, Netflix & You

Star Wars Saga

Some recent news has been making its way around the interwebs. This rumour specifically deals with the possibility of the entire Star Wars Saga coming to Netflix. There is also talk of the entire Saga also being shown at AMC Theatres as well, but I think the Netflix situation is much more interesting.

There are deals between Disney and Netflix to stream more Disney content, so perhaps they've managed to get all of the distribution rights for the Star Wars saga figured out. There's even been mention of a certain guy who hates snakes that also may become streamable.

Now, even thought we probably all own a zillion different version of the Star Wars saga (or at least the Original Trilogy), but I'm sure we'd still be streaming the hell out of Star Wars if it happens to show up. While you're waiting for the movies, I believe you can catch every season of The Clone Wars as well as Rebels on Netflix, if you're itching for some SW.

I have them all on DVD but this is easier to watch... >.>


I have the blue ray collection, but having the ability to stream it and be even more lazy makes me happy.

So! Who wants to Netflix & chill?

I never managed to get DVDs of the original trilogy, or either trilog really, so this is good in my book

Mhmmmm so much win, so much yes

anyone else think the best thing about the prequel trilogies was the box art? :-p

GAHHHH Atra you beat me to it! :P

You gotta love Netflix!

Star Wars is coming to netflix? I guess that means in a decade or so it will be available on the Danish version as well, maybe I'll invest in it by then... (Netflix Denmark is awful) :P

VPN Malik, VPN...

Malik - Just get chrome and Hola VPN extension. Bam bam. There you go.

"Update 9/16/2015: Netflix responded and let us know that there are no current official plans to bring Star Wars to Netflix, take that ambiguity as you please. No word on how this affects their 2016 Disney contract."

Well, frak. I guess it still remains to be seen if there are any unofficial plans.

As of right now the only star wars available on Netflix is the clone wars series and the intro movie. Unfortunately rebels is not :(.

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