Star Wars Rebels: Four New Videos


Star Wars Rebels: Four New Videos

Hey Folks,

Been a little while since we overloaded your pleasure centres with some Star Wars Rebels previews, so I figure I'd just go ahead and set you purring by leaving this short, and 3 TV Spots here for your perusal.. Enjoy :)

Star Wars Rebels: “Entanglement” Short

The Entanglement short seems to focus on Zeb, who is honestly for me one of the hardest characters to get into from the little we've seen. I get that he's supposed to fill the Chewbacca archetype, but he seems a bit too callous and brutish for me so far.. he also seems to be trying to fill a comedic role while being a badass, and I'm just not sure if that does it for me. I don't know, we'll see I guess.

The rest are just your run of the mill TV Spots that fill commercial time slots, nothing new, but still fun to watch.

Star Wars Rebels: “Something Big” TV Spot

Star Wars Rebels: “Tyranny of the Empore” TV Spot

Star Wars Rebels: “Entanglement” Short

Just The Seal

I cannot wait for this show

Brownie points to anyone who can guess Zeb's species.

Species is Lasat


Oh nice, thanks Kir. I am actually getting a little excited for this show.

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