Star Wars: Rebels - Season 1 Free Streaming


Star Wars: Rebels - Season 1 Free Streaming

Rebels Season 1

It was just announced that until May 4th, the entire first season of the tv show Star Wars Rebels will be free-to-stream from the official Star Wars site.

As was previously announced, Season 2 of Rebels will premiere June 20th at 9pm ET/PT on Disney XD. This is a great time to catch-up on the first season for free! The episodes are generally just 24 minutes long, with 13 of them (as well as the "movie" that kicked off the series). I highly recommend the series to all fans, and after watching this, you can go back and watch all of Clone Wars as well!

Enjoy the weekend, folks!

Welp, so much for having a productive weekend

"We're sorry, this video cannot be played in your region."

Disney, you suck. :P

Goat speaks the truth... lame. :P

You can actually find full episodes on the youtubes just searching. And yeah, region-blocking on the interwebs is lame.

Still need to get Disney XD set up on my Roku. Otherwise, I get to wait for Rebels to hit Netflix or Hulu. Hooray for cancelling the cable!

Hmm. Disney XD over Roku. This is a very good idea. I will need to investigate it later on

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