Star Wars Rumour Mills!


Star Wars Rumour Mills!

Well, I know I can't be the only one who has been pining for a new Star Wars Flight simulator since X-Wing Alliance, so you can imagine how I swooned when the news broke that Lucasfilm has been registering domains with names like Star Wars Attack Squadron.

Obviously, no heavy details are available yet, but you can find the full link to this story here.

Fingers crossed folks.


PS: Thanks to Rathus for the hot tip.

just the tip

Hands...stop shaking...Patience...OhGodpleaseletitbetrue!...

be still my beating heart...

Trout, I literally had the same reaction lol

I'm going to troll like I saw in some of the comments on news sites posting about this:

It'll be a weird half backed iOS game where you're in a ship that flies on a rail and you tap the screen to shoot.

I better go hide now...

Meh, the name sounds like something that's going to be about as good as Jedi Starfighter. If we're lucky...

Not hopeful on this. Even if it's a new sim (which I doubt, probably more like those crappy RS games), it's not being made by Totally Games.

If it were TG making this announcement, then it'd be something special.

First reaction: OMG OMG OMG!!!!! YEEESSS!!!!

calms down a little bit and thinks

Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron

Hopefully it won't just be another halfassed spin-off like those two, but on reflection "Attack Squadron" does sadly fit the existing nomenclature :\

Goat with the detective work. Out of the theories so far, his seems to be the best.

Also, the link from the

Has anyone noticed that they also bought names under,,

Oh, and Wolf Pack.

Gungan Frontier? that does not sound promising...

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