Star Wars:Tarkin - Excerpt


Star Wars:Tarkin - Excerpt


Star Wars: Tarkin, the next book in the new series of novels that are 100% in continuity, is being released tomorrow. A few days ago an excerpt of the novel was released, so if you are at all interested in getting the book, then check it out.

The novel itself is being written by James Luceno. Luceno should be familiar to most of us who have been reading Star Wars novels. Some of the novels he has worked on include Darth Plagueis, Unifying Force and Rise of Darth Vader. As such, he should be fairly comfortable writing such a novel, especially since he has written extensively about both Vader and Palpatine, who figure to be fairly prominent in this new novel.

That being said, the excerpt itself feels fairly weak. I'm sure it was chosen because it doesn't really give anything away. It is just Vader and Palpatine discussing Tarkin. The writing itself just feels extremely cliché, and doesn't actually make me interested in this book. Honestly, I'm not a massive fan of Tarkin, and the Clone Wars cartoon didn't do much for the character either. I'm hoping the rest of the novel itself is a better character study than this small excerpt. The Plagueis novel was a lot better than I thought it would be, so I'm hoping for something similar here.

Any of you going to be grabbing this novel when it comes out?

I just saw it at Walmart, so its out now. Though its Walmart so some employee probably put it out early. Looked interesting when I was flipping through the pages.

One site posted the first 50 pages. Gives some insight in his way of thinking and how he grew up as a kid.

While not a fan of the new EU path, I will be buying and reading it

Looking forward to reading it. I didn't mind Tarkin on TCW. I wonder if he will show up on Rebels eventually...

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