Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer This Weekend


Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer This Weekend

There are some recent rumours that suggest the trailer for Episode VII: The Force Awakens is nearly upon us. With American Thanksgiving right around the corner it looks like we will finally have our first crack at the trailer. There appears to be a few ways that things can go down this weekend. The one being reported the most revolves around the trailer being shown in only 100 theatres, but it will play in front of every movie Thanksgiving weekend. Other rumours have them playing in conjunction with just the Big Hero 6 movie.

It does appear that Big Hero 6 may be the first movie to have the trailer attached to it for wide-release. It's a Disney movie, and although it's been out for a few weeks now, Thanksgiving weekend is huge for family audiences. Giving a Disney movie a little edge this weekend is probably a sound move, before having the trailer attached to non-Disney movies (like the last Hobbit film).

So, if you're planning to see a movie this weekend you may just get lucky enough to be one of the first to see the Star Wars trailer. Your best bet may be to catch Big Hero 6 as well, but I can't recommend the movie since I haven't seen it myself (although it appears to have gotten some solid reviews overall).


Some more information has been released. A movie theatre chain, Regal Cinemas, will be showing the trailer at 9 of their locations across the country. It will star Friday and play all weekend before each movie. So if you live near one of those theatres, then this weekend may be a good time to catch a movie!

I'll keep an eye out when I watch The Hobbit.

I'm seeing a movie tomorrow...I wish the trailer would be in it, but it won't

By the time Hobbit releases, the trailer will be spread all across YouTube. I can, however, vouch for Big Hero Six being a wonderful animated film!

I can second that Big Hero Six was a pretty awesome animated film. Hopefully if a trailer DOES come this weekend, it doesn't take too much time to get up on the internet.

Is that an "officially get up" on the Internet or, you know, just be on there somewhere? :P

Personally, I'm going to wait until there is a clean 1080p trailer before I watch it. I don't want my first experience to be iPhone video.

I wonder if we'll see the same thing that happened with TPM where people paid to see the film, but left after the trailer.

Hopefully the film won't be as bad as TPM was...

Why u hate on gungans, midichlorians and trade agreements?

Just updated the post with some more information. It does appear like the rumours are true and the trailer will be appearing in specific locations across the States.

Here are the theaters

CA Irvine —Edwards Irvine Spectrum 22 & IMAX

CA San Diego —Edwards Mira Mesa Stadium 18 IMAX & RPX

GA Atlanta —Regal Atlantic Station Stadium 18 IMAX & RPX

IL Chicago —Regal City North Stadium 14 IMAX & RPX

NY New York —Regal Union Square Stadium 14

PA Warrington —Regal Warrington Crossing Stadium 22 & IMAX

TN Knoxville —Regal Pinnacle Stadium 18 IMAX & RPX

TX Houston —Edwards Houston Marq'E Stadium 23 IMAX & RPX

WA Seattle —Regal Thornton Place Stadium 14 & IMAX

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