Star Wars Universe update


Star Wars Universe update

With the cast news coming out yesterday there are a lot of questions around what will happen in this new movie and with star wars over all. I have been pulling things together to make this news story for a few weeks now. The cast has been announced but there is a lot more to tell you about the script and news around the movie.

Lets start with Harrison Ford, It has been rumored that his part as Han Solo will be big. What that means for the next two movies, who knows? Some people are saying that Han will die because that is what Ford wanted in the first set of movies. That is yet to be seen as Abrams has been doing a wonderful job of keeping things kept quite. Disney has gone so far as to make agents of the actors sign papers to keep everything under wraps. If we have learned anything from the cast announcement it is that Disney is doing a great job of keeping secrets!

Other announcements that have come out are film locations. London is the first stop it looks like for the cast where they will do a read though of the script as they look to filming in the coming weeks. Already they have started some filming without cast in Abu Dhabi. They need to do a lot of filming of not just cast but of props and locations as well.

The budget for the movie was also accounted by Disney, it will be in the range of 175-200 million dollars. Wow talk about BIG budget movie. Anyone remember how much the first star wars film was budgeted for?

Along with all this news about cast, locations and budge have come some story line news as well. The Star Wars Expanded Universe will not be used in the movies coming up. Some things might be taken from the books, comics and little TV shows that were made in the 80’s and 90’s but for the most part it will be a whole new story. I am both sad and excited over this. It means more freedom for the writers and director but at the same time there was so much that I loved in the books. We will all have to see what comes from this. So that being said the news is that only the first 6 movies and Clone Wars are Canon. All the books, comics and other stuff are EU. From this point on the EU will be known as Legends titles. You will still be able to get any of them but they will be under a different label.

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wondering what all the canon stuff will do to things like ToR

Anything that is out now stays the way it is nothing changes. ToR will keep going the way it has been.

Ood, it depends which Twitter feed you read :P

Some of LFL's people have said it's canon, others have said it's EU, they clearly haven't decided yet. They did put out a statement earlier today though that the movie novelisations are still canon though, for what those are worth -- which is ironic, given how much in the OT novels doesn't work even with the films :P

For what it's worth, there was an update to that statement:

To clarify, movie novelizations are canon where they align with what is seen on screen in the 6 films and the Clone Wars animated movie.'s explanation and example of this was:

Del Rey has clarified their statement about the novelizations to emphasize that any contradictions with the films (i.e. Owen and Obi-Wan being brothers) are not considered canon.

Basically, books are cannon, if what happened in the book happened in the movie, nothing more :P

Not that I've looked, but at what point shall we create an Ep VII sub forum for discussion?

Also said forum should be marked as non-spoilers or spoilers moving forward. I'm not stingy about Star Wars spoilers, but some will rightfully be.

Then that means in AOTC novel, clegg lars didn't lose legs to tuskins since we didn't see it on film.

If it happened in the books that were written for the movies it is canon from how I have read everything on this topic. I will by next week gather some sites together and post links here to different sites on all this info. Give me until Monday to have all that. I might be able to have it done before that but I don't know.

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