#StarWars Rebels news coming thick and fast


#StarWars Rebels news coming thick and fast

Looks like there is no end to the Star Wars Rebels news coming out lately. Meet the latest character to be announced and have it's own introduction video: Zeb, the Muscle.

Star Wars Rebels: Meet Zeb, the Muscle

He reminds me a lot of the original Ralph McQuarrie concept art of Chewbacca (which I think of lot of Rebels takes inspiration from.)

Chewie Concept

I guess it's time for me to finally watch the Clone Wars before Rebels airs?

Thanks go to Rebels Report for being the first place I saw this news.

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Good call on the McQuarrie art. Never even considered that when I saw it... I thought he was kinda bothany

Very cool characters all around. Let's get a proper trailer and some dates!

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