X-Wing And TIE Fighter: The Digital Re-Release


X-Wing And TIE Fighter: The Digital Re-Release

Since so many of us grew up playing X-Wing and TIE, I think this news is going to be very welcome to many of our members (quite frankly, myself included).

A gaming website known as Good Old Games will be putting out digital re-releases of both X-Wing and TIE Fighter. These versions don't come with modern graphics or improved sound, but they've been re-mastered with optimisation for modern OS, which means that they don't require an insanely lengthy process to install which was always the hardest part of getting these games to work. Both games will be $10 USD each as a digital download and are the Special Editions, so you get all the expansions with each game with their slightly-enhanced graphics (so TIE comes with Defender of the Empire and X-Wing comes with B-Wing and Imperial Pursuit).

Both of these games will be released in around a day (this means some time on the 28th of October for you US people and probably the 29th for the rest of us), so keep your eyes on Good Old Games and pick up the games that very literally defined the early Brotherhood. They're worth it.

I approve this message :)

So. PoBs for completing these now? :P

There's a countdown on the top of their site labeled "New gaming publisher coming in" think it's safe to assume that these games will be added when the timer runs out. For those counting, the timer is currently at 15hrs 25 min 05 sec

Oh, and also according to Polygon:

Other LucasArts games that are part of the Disney and GOG.com partnership include Sam & Max Hit the Road, The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

I'm excited about the Sam & Max game and KoTOR (though I could just get this on steam...), as I haven't been able to play these for years.

A lot of those games are/were on Steam I believe, but never X-Wing or TIE. Oh well, I guess I know what games I'll be playing this weekend :P

So are we back to submitting our pilot files? :P

Once again I have a reason to live!! :D

The games are out. I've already purchased X-Wing and TIE and they both come with the original version of the game along with the Collector's Editions. They also include the original manuals, reference cards, Stele Chronicles(!!) and full strategy guides from back in the day.

And... their site is overloaded. All sorts of Star Wars fans coming out of the wood work today?

I got mine purchased before I left for work, now I need to buy another joystick on the way home from work

Yacks, play it like a real man and use the mouse.

I always used to use a gamepad myself...will just continue to do so :P

You're both dead to me.

Howie already threatened to hit me if I used a mouse.... but... then I have to wait to play them. I can't win.

Hey, I used to be able to hold my own against you back in the day with a gamepad

Hold your own meant you won 1 in 5 matches? :P

(Prae sucks, Tau ftw)

Gamepad? Mouse? You people call yourself Sith?

This is going to be so much fun. Ive been wanting to play TIE for a few years but really didnt want to go through the pain in the ass installing them required. And I agree with Yacks. Flightstick pwns all others.

Got myself a new joystick on the way home and both X-Wing and TIE... oh my god I didn't realise how much I missed these games.

TIE Fighter is the best game ever created and will remain the best game ever created. Period! :)

Who woke up Pyralis?

Jesus tap dancing christ on a cracker.

Back to your cage, DV! Back!

$20 I need to convince my GF to let me spend on payday. And then whatever more on a Sidewinder, because THAT'S the only way to play these games!

Well I guess Ill risk my wifes wrath and buy them when I get home. Also I get to literally dust off the flightstick as its a nice shade of dust on my shelf. The real question is, whos gonna make the first DJB sanctioned custom mission? :P

Geez the amount of people playing TIE Fighter will cause an uproar in the FIST Office. Everyone fiddling with their flightsticks till 3am in the morning on a customised Hoth! Bring the PoB's :P

i would just like to make an aside here

I don't think I've had a total of 26 comments to all my reports ever, so excuse me while I shit bricks.

Keep an eye out for rebels hiding in containers.

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