To the victors go the spoils...


To the victors go the spoils...

Greetings all,

Overall individual victors of Between Light and Dark

We have finished weighing the individual accomplishments of Odan-Urr and Plagueis and present to all the individual victors of Between Light and Dark:

In third, Hunter Alishu of Clan Plagueis, earning a Bronze Nova,
In second, Ranger Tekk Parsa of Clan Odan Urr, earning a Silver Nova,
And in first place, earning a Gold Nova, Ranger Corvus Corax!

These three combatants took home crescents along with their shiny Novae!

In addition, Clan Plagueis has earned the spoils of their victory...

The unit will now retain ownership over the NPC Crandl Lorne as a spoil of their victory, to do with as they see fit!

In addition, we worked with the Consul of Plagueis to select an accessory fitting the Clan's theme. Thus, the Dark Council awards Clan Plagueis a shock collar accessory for use by all members of the Clan, pictured below:


Congratulations again to both Clans for an excellent and hard-fought event!

Telaris "Mav" Cantor
Deputy Grand Master

That's a sexy shock collar!

Grats on the Novae!

Snazzy. , and first.

Absolutely fantastic! Ckngrats to all, and thanks for all the fish. Great job all around.

Hah. nope :P Grats Plag. Hope you guys like the collar :)

Yay! I'm now officially making the name of this feud "Between Light and Dark: The Enslavenating"!

50 Shades of Light and Dark?

Congratulations everyone! A successful, well fought event!

A well-earned congratulations to everyone who participated.

I think the lighties need to wear these with Silent sitting in the shadows, shocking them amusingly.

Nice job placers. Novas are hard to come by

I am so evil that I can only be referred to as "the consul of Plagueis" because I am he who shall not be named.

Congratulations to everyone, and thanks to Odan Urr for a fantastic fight :)

That's awesome, right there. Congratulations to everyone, well done!

I enjoyed all the events I took part in! Thankyou COU and thanks to the summit for organizing the feud!

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