Unit Activity Reports for Quarter One


Unit Activity Reports for Quarter One

Greetings all,

Today I come to you with our quarterly unit report, taken from the start of January to the start of April. I've distributed these to the Consuls, and now we have decided to share them with the general membership. We believe each unit has strengths and each unit has some areas they can improve on, and we have spoken with Consuls regarding this already. The type of data we track varies slightly from month to month, but we try to keep to consistent themes for evaluation by Consuls across different periods.


Click to open a larger image of the unit report.

Above is a summary of unit information for this quarter. This report is not meant to be all encompassing but merely to provide a snapshot of some site-tracked elements which we think can be important in evaluating units, but they are not our only way of doing so. Of note to the wider Brotherhood is that this quarter saw the single largest number of members reach JM4 than at any other report we have administered, and this quarter saw more members per month hit this important milestone than at any other time over the last year. So congratulations to all of our excellent new members, as well as their hard-working mentors!

Telaris "Mav" Cantor
Deputy Grand Master

Good job, Plagueis! Those are some impressive numbers!

These statistics are great! Thanks a lot, Mav!

Whoop whoop! Good numbers.

Nice to see all the ongoing activity in the club.

Praetors don't count :(

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