Voice Staff Position(s) Open, ACC Tournament, CS Updates


Voice Staff Position(s) Open, ACC Tournament, CS Updates

Greetings all!

I want to just repeat what Sarin said in his most recent ACC-related news item: Qualify for the ACC! There are many very good reasons to do this, ranging from increased CoI awards during the beta, to a cool new bracket ladder comp to participate in, to merit awards for participants, to the limitless love of mine you’ll receive for doing so. ;)

This is a lengthy report, so I’ve taken a note from my Aedile and included a Table of Contents.

In This Report:
  • Voice Staff Position(s)
  • ACC Update- Tournament Signup Available
  • ACC Update- The Open Beta
  • CS Updates – New Races
  • CS Updates – New Force power
  • CS Updates – New Feats
  • CS Updates – New Suggestion Form
  • Useful ACC Links
  • Useful CS Links
Voice Staff Position(s)

Both the Voice and I require the aid of some intrepid early-equites (or thereabouts) looking to get started on DB-wide projects. These individuals (one to two) should have decent Wikifying skills, interest in the DB’s fictional background, and/or have a willingness to work on the character sheet systems. Initial tasks will focus on summarizing and Wikifying some existing documents, but could advance to work on DB-wide fiction projects. In addition, these positions could carry with them placement as a Magistrate on the staff of the Voice.

Interested? If so, email Pravus and myself and let us know!

ACC Update - Tournament Signup Available

The signup competition for the ACC Beta Tournament is available! Not only are first level Crescents up for grabs, your participation will earn you extra Cluster of Ices, as well as consideration for merit awards for helping beta test an important part of the Brotherhood. Signups start today and end Friday, at which point we’ll make the tournament over on Staging and automatically enroll everyone that signed up. The format will be 3 day limits per post, 4 total posts (2/2 for those of you not used to the new format) with the Alternate Ending style. Force power and weapons will both be standard, and a random standard venue will be chosen for each match.

ACC Update - The Open Beta

We’ve handed out more than 20 Clusters of Ice now, and we’re over 30 people qualified… and I still want more! So how is each unit doing? We'll take a look at how many from each have qualified, as there's still plenty of time for ongoing battles!

  • Arcona: 13
  • Naga Sadow: 2
  • Odan Urr: 0
  • Plagueis: 6
  • Scholae Palatinae: 2
  • Taldryan: 8
  • Tarentum: 1
  • Dark Council: 3

Of those participants, Solari has earned the most Clusters of Ice so far, but quite a few people have earned 4, so his lead isn’t safe with 6 total. He’s primed to keep adding more, though… So go challenge him! Everyone wants to play Kill-The-Lighty!

Remember, guys, not only are we awarding Clusters, but we’ll also be recognizing our most helpful participants in other ways. Furthermore, this gets you experience with the system we’ll be using in Vendettas and the like!

I also wanted to mention really quick that the ACC itself doesn’t require that you write incredibly crazy battle posts. While most of the Halls do focus primarily on conflict and the resolution of the conflict in the context of a story, the Story Hall is designed specifically to allow members to write fiction between one another that might focus a little less on the conflict, and maybe even focus on something else entirely. Such Story Hall battles may end up resembling a Run-On format of sorts. To that end, I’ve added a new Venue and type of Venue, called the “Voice Fiction Prompt.” I’ve not yet worked out with Sarin how this would work for submission to his actual competition, but my former apprentice and I wanted a way to explore the story collaboratively between the two of us, while testing who was better able to flush out the story.

Character Sheet Updates

As always, you can see the latest additions to the system on the Character Sheet Reference that James has created! Just sort by Created Date to see new stuff in each category!

CS Updates - New Races

Umbaran – Like all Umbarans, The character can see in the ultra-violet spectrum as a result of adapting to the perpetual twilight of the Umbaran home planet. While the character can see much better than humans in the dark, he can be easily disoriented by sudden flashes of light, even from everyday objects.

Sephi - The character, being a member of the Sephi race, has an elongated lifespan in comparison to humans. This elongated lifespan gives way for a more dedicated pursuit of knowledge, giving The character an additional Lore topic separate from their Lore skill. Despite The character's longer life, his body is more delicate than a typical humanoid and thus suffers a -1 penalty to Endurance.

CS Updates - New Force power

Concealment - Concealment is the power to alter one’s own presence in the Force. With limited training, this ability allows a user to make it so that others sense their strength in the Force either as less or more than it truly is. In time, a Jedi may even disguise his or her Path (though not make it different from what it is with this power alone), eventually being capable of remove one’s own Force imprint, such that it appears he or she cannot use the Force at all. The success of this Force power is directly related to how strongly someone is attempting to Sense the Force.

CS Updates - New Feats

Quey'tek Meditation - {{member}}'s ability with Concealment allows {{gender:him,her}} to not only conceal {{gender:his,her}} Force signature in some way, but to actually appear either as an adherent to the Dark or Light path, {{gender:he,she}} wishes. Available to Jedi Knight/Dark Jedi Knight and above

Puppet Master- {{member}} has developed {{gender:his,her}} Mind Trick to a point where it is no longer simply used to trick the mind, but control it, as well. If a sentient allows {{member}} access, {{gender:he,she}} is able to control that sentient directly although this will leave [Character] defenseless for the duration of the control. {{member}} may break this ability at any time, but may take no other actions nor movements during this period in {{gender:his,her}} own body. {{gender:his,her}} target may also voluntarily end this effect at any point, though with higher levels of Mind Trick, {{member}} may attempt to force {{gender:his,her}} target into a non-suicidal action he or she might otherwise be less likely to take. Higher power levels in Mind Trick can even allow this power to be used on enemies, although it can only ever be used on enemies with the absolute lowest mental resolve and can never be used to cause someone to harm him/herself if she or he wouldn't of his or her own free will. Available to Equite and above

CS Updates - Changes to Power Descriptions

Due to a lot of discussion about the strength of characters and various Force powers, we’ll be rewriting the descriptions and summaries of some of our Force powers soon, and reformatting the descriptions on all of them in the process of Wikifying them. The end goal here is to actually increase the baseline strength of Force powers at +1/+2 skill, while allowing Equites and Elders flexibility in the use of powers by allowing them to easily “downscale” the strength of what they do. More examples of this will be coming soon, but the net result will be that members should feel more competent with lower Level powers, and have increased flexibility in how to use many of them.

CS Updates – New Form

Not a lightsaber form, sorry! Though we did add in the Hand to Hand forms. This is actually about our fancy new Feature Request Form that lets you give us your ideas for Disciplines, Force powers, Feats, Skills… You name it! No guarantees on things being implemented but it makes it easier for us to track requests this way.

And that’s all for now… Now go qualify for the ACC! I’m looking at you, Howlader.

Telaris “Mav” Cantor
Combat Master

Awesome updates. Ready to get some ACC time in!

Mmmm, new Force Powers got my juices flowing #IfYouGetWhatIMean

You're a crystal, you have no juices. :P

Woo! ACC!

Nice report, brother. Story Hall sounds cool.

Thanks, Raken!

Amazing report, Mav.

Story hall, yes!

Amazing Report! Lots of new features announced.

Question: How does one open up a challenge (Open or regular) in the new Story Hall?

Oh, and I'll be taking advantage of the feature request form (We need Plant Surge! Or possibly Force Weapon...)

I think open challenges default to the Duelist Hall, but it's possible if you select Story Mode it may stick you in Story Hall. Give it a try and let me know. :)

I believe it does indeed default to the Duelist Hall, and that the two selections are the ending types. I'll find an opponent and give it a try through the regular challenges.

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