Why Luke Skywalker is Awesome


Why Luke Skywalker is Awesome

This great article pretty much sums up how I felt about Han Solo and Luke Skywalker when I was a kid.

I hadn't ever really thought about Luke's history on Tatooine and what possible other motivations he could have for decimating Jabba's little criminal empire, but I like it. I like it a lot.

I hated Luke....but yeah that just changed.

I just want to know if he ever got those goddamn power converters..

I prefer Han Solo.


Leia: "I love you!" Han: "I know."

Nothing can beat that.

I'm pretty sure he stopped by Toshi Station on the way back from blowing up all of Jabba's stuff.

That was an awesome article. However, do we actually believe that George Lucas thought of all of this? Because I surely didn't see this. However, my view has also changed.

@Xia Long - My wife and I just got necklaces that say that from heruniverse.com :D

I neither believe George Lucas has thought about all this ;)

He even wanted to name Episode 6 "Revenge of the Jedi", and just short before release he realised: oops, Jedi and revenge doesnt fit. :D

And nice necklaces! :D

I admit though: Luke's coolness factor increased in Return of the Jedi compared to Episode IV and V ;)

Originally Luke was suppose to fall to the dark side at the end too. Who knows, maybe the use of force grip was left in because they changed the end afterwards. I do remember reading that Hamill's accident and face scar made reshooting impossible for much of RotJ.

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