The Vault

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Item Price
Inq access disk Inquisitorius Access Disk 150
Identicard Shadow Academy Identicard 150
Bpkc Brotherhood Peace-Keeping Certificate 150
Combat disk Rites of Combat Disk 150
Scroll Jedi Order Scroll 285
Scroll Sith Order Scroll 285
Equipment hrlddatapad H-series Performance Datapad 360
Holobook Defensive Operations Holobook 435
Holobook Bounty Hunter's Code Holobook 435
Holobook Jedi Order Holobook 435
Holobook Sith Order Holobook 435
Holobook Assassin's Code Holobook 435
Holobook Offensive Operations Holobook 435
Accessory howiestamps Stamp Set 450
Accessory reminiscence of the dead Reminiscence of the Dead 450
Equipment justicar's stuncuffs Justicar's Stuncuffs 450
Accessory giftofwar Gift of War Datacron 450
Accessory sithamulet Sith Amulet 450
Accessory sithhelm Sith Helm 450
Inq tracker Inquisitorius Locator 495
Holobook Royal Guard Holobook 510
Holobook Syndicate Holobook 510
Holobook Inquisitorius Holobook 510
Equipment georangefinder Geo-Rangefinder 885
Accessory lionsclaw The Lion's Claw 900