House Ajunta Pall

House of Clan Plagueis
"A wolf doesn't concern himself with the opinion of a sheep."
About House Ajunta Pall

Ajunta Pall is a House within Clan Plagueis developed by Tra'an Reith and Alaris Jinn di Plagia after the Horizons Crisis in 30 ABY. Originally created as a Battleteam, Ajunta Pall became one of Plagueis's two Houses following the return to Clanhood.

By and large, the Dark Jedi of Ajunta Pall are used predominantly as the “shock-troopers” of the Battleteam and theoretically are used sparingly during combat. In practice, however, given the aggressive nature of most Dark Jedi, specifically those in Ajunta Pall, these Dark Jedi will most often be found on the front lines of any battle.

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