House Consular Conclave

House of Clan Odan-Urr
We see the way when others cannot.
About House Consular Conclave

The Consular Conclave is formed of Odan-Urr's researchers, diplomats, medical staff, Watchmen and Shadows, called on when facing esoteric challenges outside the realm of the Guardian Corps. They see and hear all, often providing intelligence to the High Council and providing support services for all of Odan-Urr and her allies.

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PIN Rank Name
6463 Master V'yr Vorsa
9709 Vanguard Ji
14519 Vanguard Benn Nevis
8343 Vanguard Sala Fe
16071 Vanguard Elyon de Neverse
12097 Ranger Creon
13458 Mystic Lynnyaria Meraudstar
16672 Privateer randyrumrnr
16195 Peacekeeper Sulon Tiful
16075 Padawan Gwowk
15701 Padawan Irhan Lo'Vex