House Satele Shan

House Satele Shan
A light hunting the darkness
House of Clan Odan-Urr
34 members
About House Satele Shan

Joint Task Force Satele Shan, one of two Houses of Odan-Urr, was created in 33 ABY. The House serves as the primary clandestine taskforce for the Clan while maintaining an active population of Jedi and Padawans, capable diplomats and researchers, and enough military might to take an active role in the war against the Iron Throne. The current leaders of House Satele Shan are Director Maximus Alvinius and Executor Len Iode. There is currently one active Battleteam, Tython Squad, led by Commander Mauro Wynter.

PIN Rank Name
49 Master Gavriel Kadesh
3690 Augur Windos
12049 Reaver Kasula Daegella
7764 Vanguard Jafits Skrumm
10057 Vanguard Aerwin Tribwell
8488 Vanguard Korroth
13767 Vanguard Corvus Corax
9709 Vanguard Nausinikos "Ji" Urr
14072 Seer Junazee
13009 Seer Mar Sûl
14377 Lieutenant Colonel Len Iode
13876 Ranger Maximus Alvinius
13998 Savant Aaleeshah
10051 Savant Sa Ool
14059 Raider Chrome
13927 Commander Mauro Wynter
14717 Peacekeeper Dael Provect
14096 Mystic Talis DeMorte
14354 Major leocadio
15056 Knight Zeline Nemesis
10301 Knight Zeon Blacktooth
14567 Knight Tyraal Bitshiver
15008 Knight Hyle Alihandross
14044 Knight Chasse Ordin
14873 Knight Ethan Martes
14280 Knight Sia Thiano
13949 Padawan Gellm'arco'nuruodo
14045 Padawan Drake Starfire
14496 Hunter Akaarn Tayl'cor
14795 Padawan Nijalah
14927 Yeoman Tex
14913 Acolyte Volksven
14726 Neophyte Ashely
14922 Proselyte Porticus