Clan Tarentum

Clan of the Dark Brotherhood
In Darkness We Trust
About Clan Tarentum

Darkness... Death... The current of the Force and Oblivion. We see all things. We are all things.

Welcome to our home...

Tarentum is a bastion of power amidst the doldrums. It is a cult of fanatics who delve the depths of power with blood magics, laboratories of the darkest horrors, and seek out the mysteries of the Dark Side. It is potent Sith who follow the methods of sorcery and the dark magics of the Nightsisters. It is grizzled veterans, bounty hunters and mercenaries who mock the darkness, yet understand its potency.

We are the ticking clock, with its maddening tick... tick... tick that threatens your sanity. We are the beating heart that shares your murderous secrets with the world. We are the blood coursing through your veins at adrenal heights. We are the slow, gasping breath in the throes of death. We are agony. Glorious, bitter defeat. Ridiculous epiphanies. We are everything. We are soon becoming you, as well...

Join us, friend...

Revere the darkness, and never stray into the light.