Battle Team Tavros

Battle Team of Clan Taldryan
Shiny, let's be bad guys.
About Battle Team Tavros

With the immediate threat of a Collective-led insurgency, Clan Taldryan’s leadership sought to establish a strike force detached from the Clan’s organizational hierarchy. Clandestine from its inception, the strike team would receive orders through an informal third party, ensuring that they could be deployed promptly and operate unhindered by red tape, all while protecting the Clan summit through plausible deniability. As such, those who were assigned or willingly signed on to Battleteam Tavros would be regarded as expendable. It took a special kind of person to work with these undesirable cutthroats. Someone with a more flexible morality. Someone willing to get bloodied.

Battleteam Leader
General Zentru'la
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PIN Rank Name
5951 General Zentru'la
14505 Corsair Aylin Sajark
7854 Savant Voden
14234 Raider Ala'ar Rinn